Home Learning

At Russell Street School we have an expectation that each child will complete a weekly home learning programme. We believe that home learning is an important part of your child’s learning as it teaches time management and helps to build on the skills that are taught in the classroom.

Home learning will come home each Monday and is due in on Fridays. It will consist of spelling lists, home reading, written sentences and a variety of fun tasks.

There will be a variety of fun rewards for those children who consistently remember to bring their completed home learning on Fridays. Children who do not complete their home learning will be required to finish it in their own time.



Each Monday your child will have 10 words to learn. The spelling words will come from the Arvidsen Spelling Lists and your child’s words will be chosen from their current level. The words might seem a little easy at first but they are being tested on every word in their level and words will gradually get harder throughout the year as they move up the lists.

Home Reading

Every night your child is expected to read a book for at least 5 minutes. These books are chosen either by the teacher (will receive 1-2 school books a week) or by your child from home or the library.

Written Sentences

Children need to choose 5 of their spelling words and write a sentence with them. The words that they choose need to be underlined and the sentences need to make sense and have full stops and capital letters.

Basic Facts

A variety of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions to complete.

Fun Tasks

Each week I will set a fun task for your child to complete at home. These tasks are meant to be hands-on and hopefully encourage life skills.

I do appreciate that your lives and the lives of your children are often busy, which is why it is important to make home learning a regular part of your child’s after school routine. If you have any concerns about R5’s home learning programme please feel free to come in and see me.

Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Stephen Baker

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