Happy Holidays!

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  • uncle ross

    bree’s an awesome farm worker she came to see me in the holidays. we did tractor work counted the lab puppies and visited the duck lake and hut.She’s great company.

  • Alice

    Hi Stephen
    It’s Alice I don’t know if I can learn all my capitals. Because our family is going to be busy most of the time but. I will try to learn most of the capitals on Saturdays and Sundays. Saw you today at the plaza. Talk soon. Alice

  • Hi Stephen So Far In The Holidays I Have… Picked up Reuben My Grandparent’s Dog And Took Him For A Walk Because They Are Away In America Having A Great Time!!

  • Bree came and stayed the night and she is just a great home cleaner, good at feeding the Dogs and Puppies, dishers and some other stuff. She talled me that she loves cleaning up! SO give her heaps of jobs when it is time to go to school! She will love it.

  • I am having a great time in australia. I have seen weedy sea dragons, pjama cordinals, moray eels, sting rays, sharks and sun. Can’t wait for school to start.

  • You are in Australia, lucky you! Hope the weather is good and don’t forget to take some photos on your trip.

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