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Hey witch doctor give us the magic words, you go ow e ohh ah ah ting tang wala wala bing bang! Alright, that’s enough mucking around, lets get on with my column.

Well Stephen’s wife is having a baby. He is pretty excited! Is it going to be a girl or a boy? When is it going to be born? Deb is having a baby as well and her last day is next Friday. That is sad that she is leaving because she was an awesome teacher. I hope she comes back.

This weeks P.O.W was the amazing, talented, creative Jessica. Jessica is so cool. I wonder who is going to be the P.O.W for next week. I hope it will be me!

We have been doing quite a few activities with our Blog Buddies in America. We sent a video of us asking questions and saying hello. I have two blog buddies now, I wonder what they look like?

In our class we have a World map to show where our Blog Visitors come from. When we get a red dot on our Clustr Map we put some little red pins on our class map to show where they come from. We have quite a few.

Tomorrow is the Kapa Haka Northern Festival at the Regent. They have been practicing so hard and I know they will do a good job!

At the moment I’m getting quite sporty. At lunch I’m playing Tennis and I am also playing Touch Rugby next term. Stephen is our touch coach and he loves Tennis too!

Next term we are going to have a water fight with Room six. It is going to be awesome!!!! Get your water guns ready!

Joke Time: Why was the Skeleton afraid of the dark? Because he did not have any Guts. See you next time on Alice’s Ins and Outs.

Reporter – Alice

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