Kevin’s Maths Question

Check out this question left by Kevin from our Boards of Trustees. He left it as a comment on the Number Strategies post. I wonder if we can answer it?

“Hi Kids, I just used a strategy to decide how many doughnuts I could eat – I bought some at Auckland Airport today at “Dunkin Donuts.” I bought six doughnuts and there are 4 of us in our family. How many did we have each to make sure we all the same amount? My strategy used fractions for 6 doughnuts divided into 4 portions. That’s where maths can be tasty!”

3 comments to Kevin’s Maths Question

  • R3

    Great question Kevin, we have talked about it as a class and think the answer is 1 and a half. Are you sure that 1 and a half donuts will be enough for you?

  • Good Question I have worked it out and I think it is 1 and a half am i right?

  • Kevin (BoT)

    All I can say is that the answer is correct; and “No – one and a half donuts is never enough. Maybe I should bring some in for class to help with their maths?

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