Yesterday in class we talked about how ANZAC Day marks the date when New Zealand and Australian troops landed at Gallipopli on 25 April 1915 during the First World War. 

We also mapped out where Gallipoli is and we explored a cool interactive ANZAC website about the landing. If you want to check out the website just click on the picture below!

2 comments to ANZAC Day

  • Hey 3D!

    Thank you for sharing this resource. I am teaching my class about ANZAC day so this would be awesome to show them about our National holiday.

    Hi to Maraki! Maraki’s father is my cousin. I saw a picture of him on your class website and knew that face!

    Hope you all had a great ANZAC Day! We hope to get to see Snail and Whale soon!

    Ka Kite!
    Miss Lologa and the 2nd Grade Superstars

  • That Anzac movie is really cool stephen

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