Back To School

Tomorrow it is back to school! Yippee! I have lots of awesome learning activities planned and I’m sure the term will be action packed!  

This term our theme is based around the environment and on Tuesday we are going to the movies to see the Lorax to kick the topic off.

In week 2 we have Student Led Conferences where we will show off our digital portfolios. (I hope they are up to date!)

The cross country is in week 4 so we will be training every day in preparation for that. Bring your running shoes!

In week 6 we are presenting assembly with our buddy class. I wonder what we are going to do?

In Maths we are learning about Geometry and Measurement. I’m sure we will make lots of shapes and measure different things.

In writing we are learning how to be persuasive. Maybe you could persuade me to stop giving out homework!

IC T? No doubt we will find some time for that!

Also there’s the 40 hour famine, sports with Sha, flags challenge against R12, Matariki and I’m sure lots more,

It’s going to a great term! See you all tomorrow, I can’t wait!

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  • Jo

    Hi Stephen, your homework is great, Jade is loving it :) Good for our older brains too. Hope you had a good break.

  • Thanks Stephen and all you Grade 3 Digital students. Hope you enjoy the 40 Hour Famine this year and thanks for getting involved. Let us know how it all goes:) xClare, World Vision Team

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