Where Are Our Snail & Whales?

Where are our Snail and Whales? Well one just arrived in Michigan, USA with Mr Alvaro’s class. Another just arrived at Mrs Campbell’s class in Lower Hutt, New Zealand and the final one is on his way to Mr Weldridge’s class in Yorkshire, England.

Hopefully over the next few weeks we will get to skype the classes and see what they are up to.

If you want check out the host classes blogs just click on the pictures below.


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  • Hi I’m Claire from Mr.Alvaro’s class. I was just wondering did oyu get Mr.Phill? I so read your post cards we made you there really cool. to awnser the guestions there will be a post just for you guys to awnser on. Have fun!!!!! Bye!!!!!

  • Abby

    Hi Ins and Outs

    At some time we are getting the snail and whale. My class is very excited to get them in our class rooom. I hope we get them before school ends. Our school ends june 28th. It’s the last day of school. When does your school end? Or do you end at the same time? My teacher thinks you don’t end until December.
    From Abby

  • Hello New Zealand. Mr. Whale and Snail have had a great time here. They have been camping, visiting, eating all our food, and having a great time. We will be posting pictures on their blog soon.

    We do have a question. Where are we sending them next?


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