Quality Comments

In class we have been learning how to write quality comments. We have lots of blog buddies throughout the world so we thought it would be good to learn how to communicate correctly with them.

So what makes a quality comment? Check out our criteria!

5 comments to Quality Comments

  • Kadin

    Hi Room 3
    I like how your class is writing about something topical for a blog.
    I also like how you are trying to interact with people around the world and teach them how to write a quality comment. From your blog, I have learnt how to write a quality comment.
    It will help me immensely as I used to write one line comments that aren’t substantial enough.

    Yours sincerely

    Kadin from Room 24 at Taradale Intermediate in Hawkes Bay

  • Kellie

    Hi Room 3

    Nice tips,I think they’re really usefull, I could easily use them in class on the blog.
    I haven’t been blogging for long so thanks.

    Kellie, Room 24, Taradale Intermediate School

  • Alexandra

    Hi Room 3

    I love how your class are commenting on other people’s blogs amd interacting with other pepole from around the world. It’s great how you are showing them how to write a quality comment on your class blog. I hope your class is having a great time learning about blogs and sharing the things that you have learned with your blogging buddies. We also have a class blog and are learning how to leave quatity comments on our quad blogging buddies blogs. I think that it’s fun having a class blog to share your learning with other people who have a class blog.

    From your blogging buddy in Room 24 at Taradale Intermediate


  • Connor

    Dear Room 3

    Okay now I think I have got the hang of blogging. Did you know we have our own class blog and we could really learn from your blog.

    Thank you room 3!

    Connor, Room 24, Taradale Intermedate School

  • Jacobs Mum

    Good information on how to blog.
    Thanks i shall endeavor to make better comments.

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