Digital Portraits

In 3D we have been learning to use Pages and Kidpix to create a digital portrait. Check out some of the early finishers!




10 comments to Digital Portraits

  • Wow! This is really cool. What a terrific project. I’d love to see how you did this. Creating your own projects and sharing it with others is awesome!

  • Mrs Natusch

    Wow guys. This art is amazing! I’d love to know how you created it!
    Mrs Natusch
    Vardon School
    NZ ;)

  • Mrs Cherrington (Grace C's mum)

    What an amazing use of colours! Your portraits are a lot different to when I was at school. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Greetings from Canada. What a terrific art project. Great job guys!

  • Carrie Marx

    This is an awesome project. Can you explain more how you did it? Did you take a photo with a camera or photo booth? I don’t have the application Kidpix do you know another application that would work? Thank you and keep up the creativity :)

  • Dear 3D,

    We have seen your digital portraits and they look fantastic. We were wondering how you got your shaddow\head outline on to the computer ?

    We are just starting to learn and create our blog for our school. You might like to visit it at:

    From 5K @ Cranbourne East Primary School – Victoria, Australia

  • Jo

    Awesome digital portraits guys, they look lovely on the wall in your classroom, well done.
    Jo C

  • Lisa

    We’ve done the paper version in the past, I love the look of this so much more. I hope you share how you did this….!

  • Penny

    These digital portraits are fabulous. A great idea. I would love to have a go at this at these with my class here in Australia. Would you mind emailing the instructions to me?
    Thank you
    Mrs. b

  • Heather

    Hi I do silhouettes for 5th grade grad every year. I like this digital version. DId you use an Ipad? camera? please email or post how to do this? I am looking for a fresh way to have the kids create their own portrait.

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