Calendar Art

In Cloud 9 we have been creating calendar art using our photography skills. Here are a few great photos from today’s session!



4 comments to Calendar Art

  • Wonderful shots, kids!
    I love the idea and I think I am going to “steal” it – my students will surely enjoy the activity! Thank you :)

  • Kevin (BoT)

    I love the photos, kids, and also the cool WeeMees at the top of the page. Let me guess – is George the one holding a cheeseburger? If not, it should be. I will email Stephen my WeeMee as I am so cooool. All that there is left to say is Go England for RWC 2011.Keep up the excellent work. Kevin (BoT) and Cheeseburger Buyer.

  • Abby

    Ha Kevin nice avatar. Kwl photos

  • Hello my name is Stephanie, and I’m a 6th grader in Mr. Millers class. I like how the girls nails look, and I love the blue flowers. I like them because one of my favorite colors are blue. When did you take these pictures? They are look really cool.

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