Animation Workshop

Today Jessie, Zoe, Abby and I were lucky enough to attend an Animation Workshop at Russell Street School. We learnt all about how to use I Can Animate and made a short animation about the Rugby World Cup.

Check out the photos!



5 comments to Animation Workshop

  • Therese

    Wow! What a great opportunity for you 3. I can see the concentration on your faces as you are working together. I am looking forward to seeing the end result.

  • We have had an awesome day! The girls worked extremely hard and hopefully they will have it all finished tomorrow!

  • Wow I hope you guys had fun.

  • Zoe

    That was so much fun! I wish we could do it again, and hopefully we get it finished tomorrow! :)

  • Aaron (Zoe's Dad)

    Wow, awesome guys! Animation must be such a neat thing to learn at school, I wish my school was as fantastic as yours. (oh hang on a minute, I was at RSS once, back in ’78).

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