Street Talk Episode 16

Here it is everyone, Street Talk Episode 16! The Street Talk team has worked really hard putting this episode together. We hope you enjoy it!

12 comments to Street Talk Episode 16

  • Evan And Isaac

    Boy vs Girl
    Alien mask dance
    Luke singing

    Quiz time questions to easy
    On the couch was to quiet
    In alien dance they were showing their face
    Went for to long

    Adidas story
    Boy vs Girl
    Alien dance

  • Timothy&George

    #1 It was under 10 minutes.
    #2 The snow falling down on presenters.
    #3 clip of Connor buying rugby jersey
    #4 The Monster dance.
    #1 The quiz time questions were too easy.
    #2 Suzanne on the couch was too quiet
    #3 The camera was wobbling in the monster dance.
    #4 It was a little bit too long.

    #1 How you made it snow on the presenters.
    #2 The All Black Jersey story.
    #3 That the boys finally won the challenge.
    #4 The thank you to leanne

  • Benjamin

    It has good humor.
    It also has good Photography.

    They talked quite loud which the microphone did not pick up very well.
    The lighting was not that good.

    How they made the snow fall.
    How they got that footage of that trailer with the All Black jersey inside.


    It was funny
    It was awesome how they got the snow look real

    Minus: when they had snow the ladder made sound
    Did not like the music for the all black part of it

    It had good lighting.
    The boy vs girl challenge was good

  • Danielle and Hem


    - It’s really funny and there’s a lot of enthusiasm in the presenting.
    - It was really nice, of the art extension group to do the thank you video.
    - The music and actions always’ fit together with what their doing.
    - We thought everyone put a lot of effort into it and made the outcome amazing.

    - In the boy vs. girl challenge you could see the cut!
    - Some of the camera shots were shaking.
    - At the start of the snowing part, you can tell it’s paper.
    - The lighting was bad during the boy vs. girl challenge.

    - It was cool how the Adidas story made people realize about, the real Adidas company.
    - The alien mask dance.
    - Alice in her P.J’s.
    - The presenting.

  • Suzanne

    (starts chant) Lou!Lou!Lou!Lou…

  • Awesome! Episode 16 look cool. I can’t wait to Episode 17.

  • David

    Made me smile lots. The stories are always so positive and powerful (which is a change from the news we watch on the box at home! Masks look amazing. Well done everyone.

  • Zoe

    This is the best episode yet!! The presenting is very funny. Lou on the couch, Lou on the couch, Lou on the couch!

  • Harrison

    There 220$! Fail. I could get a sports shirt for less then 20 dollars.

  • Abby

    What another AWESOME episode of Street Talk!!! Cant wait to episode 17!! LOU on the couch,LOU on the couch!!!

  • Therese

    Another great episode team.Loved the mask feature – nice moves! Good work Cloud 9

  • Leanne

    Wow well done for another great episode of Street talk.Super Masks and dancing!Thanks for thanking me the way you did.
    I really aprpreciate it.It was fun working with you and getting to know you better.You are cool learners and great designers.

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