Connor’s Ins And Outs!

Howdy Fella’s!! I’m Connor and this is my second Column!

This column is just a post telling you all about what we have been doing. Okay, first of all, we continued on with our Maths. In Maths, we learnt what MODE, MEDIAN, MEAN and RANGE are. MODE is the number that occurs the most, MEDIAN is the middle number, MEAN is the average and RANGE is the biggest number minus the smallest number.

We are also doing Fitness. We have to run 1KM each day to stay fit for the cross country.

Next, we do Reading. If we’re on the computer we’re doing the Student Blogging Challenge, if we’re on follow up, we’re doing things on Inferencing and if we’re on teacher, the mat with Stephen.

For Writing, we’re writing narratives, and some of us might be turning them into MOVIE’S!!

And last of all for topic we are doing Photography. We are learning how to take a good photo.Here are some basic tips on how to take a good Photo:

Get close!! If your not close enough, you might not be able to see the detail and movement of your picture subject. Get in focus!! If everything is fuzzy, then you won’t be able to see your subject, where they are and all the attributes of your subject. Depth Of Field!! Depth Of Field means that you subject is in focus, but your background is not, one way to do this is to, Get Close!! Different Angles!! Try shooting from different angles, you never know where a good photo might be taken. Watch The Background!! There will some times be something funny, or distracting in the background to distract people from your subject. And this leads me to the last tip: Take Lots Of Photos!! (and don’t delete any!) You need lots of photos to determine which one will be the best.

Tomorrow, we will be doing a Buddy Day!! We will be doing lots of different activities tomorrow with our buddies. And on Friday, we will be doing SEED TO TABLE!! We get 5 Fridays of doing SEED TO TABLE, 4 of them are going to be next term, but one of them is going to be this Friday!!

JOKE TIME!!! What do you call a poodle with no legs? A sponge.

By Connor Dunlop!

2 comments to Connor’s Ins And Outs!

  • Dan Gardiner

    Hi Connor, I really like this blog. I had a good laugh. I am looking forward to your next post. Dan BOT

  • You’re obviously on top of the job Connor. We’ve only just started to blog at my school and currently we areon Easter break, but we are learning a lot from your blog. This column is very impressive, you have something to say and you say it well. I have a page on my school blog called ‘photos and questions’, I really like doing it but finding ‘subjects’ is I think hard. I showed my children the photo someone took at your school featuring the bottom of blue school cups. I like this photo, good photos are often ones that show something in a way we don’t always notice.
    How many cameras does your class have access to?

    Mr E

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