It’s All Over Now!

Here is a little video looking back on my 2 terms in R3.

7 comments to It’s All Over Now!

  • Thanks for making this very cool movie Stephen! It’s a great way to share what a fun and exciting time your class have had this year!

  • I loved that movie I is really cool I liked it how you tried to get a photo on everyone on the movie.
    I have had a great year with you Stephen and have a great holiday.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Doug

    Great 2010 summary Stephen, well put together and sweet sound track.
    Thanks for all your work this year with the kids and Im sure you will have an awesome year in 2011! Have a great Christmas, cheers Doug

  • Stephen

    Thanks Doug, it has been lots of fun. Thanks for the Xmas present, I will definitely be enjoying that over the break!

  • Anonymous

    i love the blog and the song + the photos the cars everything because there really neat and cool. Good luck with the rest of the year. I hope you get lots of comments!

  • Tauriko.

    We like how you have worked as a team and the music goes well with the video.Cool photos I like it.Awesome video.

  • Tauriko

    I love the blog and the song there were amazing photos looks like great fun hope to see more videos soon.

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