Alice’s Ins and Outs

Mum, who let the toilet get plugged up again? Oh sorry I didn’t know that we had guests! Well how did everyone’s holidays go? Well my holidays were awesome!

I heard that our classes blog is one of the best blogs in New Zealand and that is out of thousands. How cool is that! You can vote for us by clicking on the widget in the sidebar.

This is the third day back at school and we are having lots of fun already. Stephen said that this term is going to be awesome and I believe him. It would not surprise me if he is one of the best teachers in the world. I think that we will have an awesome term 4 with him!

We have some new stuff in Room 3. We now have a new shelf to put books on and some new chairs. They are pretty cool. Unfortunately Stephen had to send back the Fair Go Ad Trophy. It was nice having it in our class. We find out in the next week whether we get some where in the Multi-Media Challenge. Fingers crossed!

This term our class is making CO2 Cars. We saw Stephen’s last class do it and they really did go fast. Our class can’t wait till we make them, they are going to be awesome! Tomorrow we are having a Skype Capitals Challenge with a school in Auroa. We have been working hard and I think we might win.

Finally everyone that is doing tough rugby, well it starts in three more weeks yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Joke Time: A Skeleton went to see the doctor. The doctor opened the door and said, “Aren’t you a bit late!” Do you get it? See ya next time on Alice’s Ins and Outs.

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