PMI – Holidays

Today is the first day of Term 4 and I am wondering what everyone got up to in the holidays.

For writing I want you to do a Plus, Minus and Interesting (PMI) about your holiday. Here’s mine…


  • Spent lots of time with my son Max
  • Attended U-Learn teaching conference in Christchurch
  • Fixed up our messy gardens
  • I learnt lots of new I-Touch Apps
  • The weather was good


  • Lack of sleep
  • Didn’t have time to visit home province, Taranaki
  • It went so fast!
  • Aftershocks in Christchurch
  • Aeroplane flights!


  • Max has a new cousin named Sam
  • The damage in Christchurch from the Earthquake
  • I joined Twitter
  • I bought a new I-Touch but now I want an I-Phone
  • Max can now say about 50 words

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