Global Children’s Challenge

How is R3 going in the Global Children’s Challenge? Well we are currently in 22nd position. That is a fantastic effort as there are over 5,000 school’s around the world taking part!

Keep up the great work R3 and don’t forget to record you steps over the holidays!

R3 & R2 Assembly

Yesterday R3 and R2 presented assembly to the school. I thought they did an awesome job and I was proud of everyone who played a part! Check out the presenters Jacob C and Alex in action below!

Last Day Of Term

Today was the last day of term 3 at Russell Street School. It was an extremely busy day full of fun and excitement! We watched a movie, ate a fantastic cake made by Liam’s mum and presented assembly. Check out the photos!



Normandale School Challenge

Today R3 had a challenge against Normandale School to see who could do the most laps of a jointly designed obstacle course. How many laps did we do in 15 minutes? Check it out!


In Maths the Squares group have been learning how to find a fraction of a number and how to make equivalent fractions. Check out their strategies!

Normandale School Challenge

Tomorrow R3 are taking on 7 Wonders in an obstacle challenge as part of the Global Children’s Challenge. The idea is for both classes to design a mini obstacle course then combine the 2 courses and see which class can do the most in 15 minutes.

Check out the simple course that Georgia O and Emma designed.

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to complete some sort of physical activity everyday after school.

Since R3 are taking part in the Global Children’s Challenge I thought this would be an appropriate task for the week. You need to bring me in a photo of you completing the activity to receive your credits.

So come of everyone, lets get moving!

Mr Toft’s Class

R3 are blog buddies with Mr Toft’s class in Ottawa, Canada and we have collaborated with them on a few projects over the year. They are also taking part in the Global Children’s Challenge so hopefully we can link up with them during the challenge.

Anyway they have just started their new school year and they have sent us a message. Just click on the picture to check it out!

Olympic Art

R3 have finally finished their Olympic Art! They had to do an observational drawing of a gold medal, screen print of an Olympic symbol and a kidpix picture about the Olympics.

Check out the end result!

Book Trailer

Check out this cool book trailer made by Rosalind and Georgia T for the Digi Awards. I think they did an awesome job!

Global Children’s Challenge

As you know R3 are taking part in the Global Children’s Challenge and yesterday we found out that our friends at Normandale School in Lower Hutt are doing it too!

Anyway to make it even more interesting they have challenged us to a little competition as well! 

So what are we going to do? Well we got together on google Doc and came up with some ideas for collaboration between the two classes. You can check these ideas out by clicking below.

Today we decided to kick off the challenge with an activity to see which class could do the most steps in an hour! Wow, what a challenge! What did we do? Well I took everyone on a run around the school and then out around Russell Street. It was exhausting but we kept going!

How many steps did we do? Well in 1 hour we did 181,764 steps between 27 people. That’s an average of 6,732!! Beat that Normandale!


In class we have been learning how to use a camera and take great photos! Some of the best ones we are going to try and enter in the Digi Awards. Check out some of the photos so far!




One of my favorite apps at the moment is called Lifecards. Lifecards is a cool app that allows you to create your own imaginative postcards. There are lots of different formats and it is easy to use.

Today in class the Hurricanes reading group used the Lifecards App to write a book review. Check out this example made by Emma and Grace!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to take part in the Global Children’s Challenge! What is the Global Children’s Challenge? Basically it is a global event which is designed to get kids moving. Click Here to find out all about it!

It is going to be an awesome event that I’m sure be have huge benefits for everyone! Come on everyone, lets get moving!


Yesterday in class 3D experimented with a cool new App called FrameMagic. The idea was to create a photo story using the App about a day at Russell Street School. Check out Gemma’s!

Olympic Kidpix Art

Check out a few of our Olympic Kidpix pictures that the kids have been working on. I think they did an awesome job!




Wacky Hair Day

Today at Russell Street School it was wacky hair day! It was an awesome day that started with a wacky hair parade and finished with a wacky crazy assembly! Check out some of the photos!



Maths Time

In Maths R3 has been learning about equivalent fractions and how to find a fraction of a number. We have also been experimenting with using a new app called Popplet. 

Today in class we used Popplet to show our working and when we had finished we sent it off to Evernote for the teacher to mark. Check some of them out!