August Stats

Check out the stats for our class blog in August. We have had over 7,000 hits at an average of over 250 hits per day. Wow! How cool is that! Thanks everyone who has been checking out our awesome class blog!

Amazing Race Keynote

Last week R3 completed an amazing race keynote around the school. Check out how it worked!

Best Of London Olympics

Check out this awesome video showing the best of the London Olympics. It’s pretty impressive!

Apple Bus Tour

Where is Stephen this week? Well I am lucky enough to be travelling around Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga on the Apple Bus Tour.

What is the Apple Bus Tour? Well it is where leading Apple educator Stuart Hale takes teachers through some on New Zealand’s leading ICT schools.

It should be a great experience and I can’t wait to come back and put some of my learning into practice!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to create a card for Father’s Day. Father’s Day is this Sunday and I thought it would be a good task for the week. 

So come on everyone, let show our dad’s how much we appreciate them and make them an awesome Father’s Day card!

A Message From 7 Wonders!

Our blog buddies at Normandale School have sent us a message. I wonder if anyone can figure out what it says?

Spelling Circle

Every Friday morning R3 has a spelling circle as a warm up to their Friday spelling test. Has does it work and who came out of top this week? Check out the video to find out!

Amazing Race

Today as part of out topic 3D had an amazing race challenge around the school. Check out some of the photos!



Characteristics Of Success

In 3D we have been learning about some of the key characteristics of success. We have been talking about the Habits Of Mind and have made a list of 7 characteristics that we think are important. 

The 7 that we have come up with are: Work well with others, take risks, be confident, have dreams and goals, be accurate, find humour and never give up.

Check out this video on the internet that I found of a guy who couldn’t walk. It’s kinda funny, inspirational and features a lot of the key characteristics of success.

Observational Drawings

In class we have been doing an observational drawing of the London Olympic’s Gold Medal. Check out some of the early finishers!

Olympic Art

In 3D we have been working on a piece of Olympic art using Kidpix, our drawing skills and different screen printing techniques.

I think the kids are doing a great job and hopefully we will be finished soon. Here is a sneak preview of some of the finished Kidpix pictures.



Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to use the app DrawSomething. DrawSomething is an awesome app where you have to draw pictures for your partner to guess. It is lots of fun!

You will need a device to play the game on so ask Mum or Dad if you can borrow their Ipad, Itouch or Iphone. I will arrange for some students to take home the school devices so everyone can play.

Come on everyone let get playing DrawSomething!

Shape Challenge

Last week R3 and R12 squared off on a Maths Week Shape Challenge. Who came out on top? Well watch the Keynote to find out!

Collaborative Activity

Over the last couple of weeks 3D have been using the Ipad app Draw Something to collaborate with Normandale School in Wellington. Draw Something is a fantastic app where you have to draw words for your partner to guess.

It has been lots of fun and the kids have been fully engaged. Check out this video of the kids in action!

Emma’s Last Day

Today was Emma our College teacher’s last day in 3D. We were sad to see Emma go and everyone is going to miss her.

Thanks Emma for being an awesome college teacher and all the best for the future!

Here are some photos of Emma completing her Rubik Cube challenge and a video we made for her!


Shape Challenge

Today is the last day to get your entries in for the Maths Week Shape Challenge. So far the classes have done a fantastic job and it is going to be so close!

One shape that is proving very difficult is the the one below. If you can work out where this is you most probably will be the winner!

What Makes A Champion?

In class 3D have been talking about what makes a champion athlete? Check out these videos, they might give you some fresh ideas!

Snail & Whale

What have the snail and whale been up to lately? Well check out this post from their host school in Australia!

Whale and Snail have had a busy few weeks visiting the students of 3/4C at The Junction Public School. They had a great time with our class and really sparked some creativity in our work. Whale and Snail also had overnight excursions to visit the homes of some of our students who took the time to show them around town… they loved it! See all the snapshots in our animoto.