Mr Phil Arrives!

Look who arrived in the mail today! It’s Mr Phil from Mr Alvaro’s class in Michigan, USA. He is going to spend a couple of weeks with us here in New Zealand and we are going to show him around Palmerston North.

Mr Alvaro’s class also sent us some awesome postcards and we are going to make some as well to send back.

Thanks Mr Alvaro, you guys rock!



The Lorax Book

Have you read the Lorax book? Well you don’t have to as you can watch the e-book on-line. Enjoy!

Snail & The Whale

What are the Snail and the Whale up to in Lower Hutt? Check out the video!

Truffula Trees

In class today we have been making Truffula trees from the Lorax story. They are not quite finished yet but hopefully we will have them completed next week.

Check out some photos of R3 at work!



Cross Country Practice

In week 4 we have the school cross country at Skoglund Park. In preparation for it I thought each day we would practice by running a course around our school.

The course is 1 km long and we are going to run it each day just before lunch. Check it out!


Yesterday in class we talked about how ANZAC Day marks the date when New Zealand and Australian troops landed at Gallipopli on 25 April 1915 during the First World War. 

We also mapped out where Gallipoli is and we explored a cool interactive ANZAC website about the landing. If you want to check out the website just click on the picture below!

Lorax Movie

Today the whole of Russell Street School took a trip to the movies to watch the Lorax. It was an excellent movie and a great way to kick off our theme on the environment!



Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to create a timeline about your life using Timetoast. Timetoast is a fantastic on-line website that allows you to create timelines.

You will have to sign up for an account using your school e-mail and I expect at least 10 events on your timeline. When you have finished you need to put it on your blog.

Come on everyone, lets get creating!

Back To School

Tomorrow it is back to school! Yippee! I have lots of awesome learning activities planned and I’m sure the term will be action packed!  

This term our theme is based around the environment and on Tuesday we are going to the movies to see the Lorax to kick the topic off.

In week 2 we have Student Led Conferences where we will show off our digital portfolios. (I hope they are up to date!)

The cross country is in week 4 so we will be training every day in preparation for that. Bring your running shoes!

In week 6 we are presenting assembly with our buddy class. I wonder what we are going to do?

In Maths we are learning about Geometry and Measurement. I’m sure we will make lots of shapes and measure different things.

In writing we are learning how to be persuasive. Maybe you could persuade me to stop giving out homework!

IC T? No doubt we will find some time for that!

Also there’s the 40 hour famine, sports with Sha, flags challenge against R12, Matariki and I’m sure lots more,

It’s going to a great term! See you all tomorrow, I can’t wait!

Hands-On Homework

Here are some more awesome R3 students who took up this week’s hands-on homework task of visiting Te Manawa Museum.


School Holidays

What have you been up to in the holidays? Let me know by writing a message below!

Where Are Our Snail & Whales?

Where are our Snail and Whales? Well one just arrived in Michigan, USA with Mr Alvaro’s class. Another just arrived at Mrs Campbell’s class in Lower Hutt, New Zealand and the final one is on his way to Mr Weldridge’s class in Yorkshire, England.

Hopefully over the next few weeks we will get to skype the classes and see what they are up to.

If you want check out the host classes blogs just click on the pictures below.


Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

In class last term we talked about how everyone is different and how it is important not to judge a book by its cover.

One of the places where this can be found is talent shows on TV. I love watching them as they give everyone a chance to shine and they are full of surprises.

Click on the pictures below to check out these wonderful examples!




Last term we learnt how to use Prezi and used it to write a reflection about the term. Check out Liam and Zac’s!

Hands-On Homework

Last week’s hands-on homework task was to visit Te Manawa Museum. Well done to Jade who took up the challenge!


Swimming Recounts

I finally got round to displaying our recounts on the swimming sports. Check them out!

Scale Of The Universe

Check out this awesome website which shows the scale of the universe. It is seriously cool! You must check it out!

Blog Visitors

Wow, we have reached 48,000 blog hits! That is awesome! I wonder when we will reach 50,000? 

Thanks everyone for supporting our fabulous class blog!