I Am Paintings

In class, Emma our student teacher, has been teaching the class some different painting techniques. As part of the unit the class had to produce a piece of work about what they wanted to be when they got older.

Check out a few of the finished ones!



Buddy Challenge Day

Today at Russell Street School it was buddy challenge day. All the classes worked with their buddy classes and completed lots of different activities. Check out the photos!




Cooking Up A Storm!

Today in 3D I took all the early finishers and made Banana Muffins with them. It was awesome fun making the mixture and eating the end result! Check it out!



Skyping U.S.A

Today 3D were lucky enough to skype Mrs Kistler’s class in Texas, U.S.A. We exchanged information about each other’s country and learnt lots of new things.

Thanks Mrs Kistler’s class for taking the time to talk to us, you guys rock!

Pezi Presentations

Today in class we started reflecting on out term and all the things we have been learning about. We decided to make a presentation about term 1 using Prezi.

Prezi is an awesome on-line tool that you can use to make presentations. If you want to check it out and make one of your own just click on the picture below.

When we have finished ours we will present them on the blog. Watch out for that!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to design a room or house using Floor Planner. Floor planner is an excellent website that allows you to design your own dream home.

I will go over how to use floor planner in class and you will need to sign up for your own account.

When you have finished designing your room or house you can screen shot it and put it on your blog. So what are you waiting for? Lets get designing!

Blog Posters

In 3D we have been designing posters to advertise our blogs and e-mail addresses. Check out Georgia O’s!

Family & School Beautification Day

Today at Russell Street school we had a school beautification day to complete a number of jobs that needed doing around the school.

Heaps of people from the RSS community turned out to lend a hand and they did a magnificent job!

Some of the jobs they completed were: gardening, pruning/trimming, sweeping, removing stumps, digging out/filling sandpit, repairing long jump pit edges, painting fences, moving bark, waterblasting, removing junk/rubbish and many more!

Check out some of our fabulous helpers!





In writing the Harry Potter group have been learning to write a recount using the correct format about the swimming sports.

To be successful they need to do the following:

Have a title
Have an introduction using where, why, who, when and what
Use paragraphs and speech marks
Put the events in order
Finish with your feelings
Edit your work and check your spelling

Check out Lili’s!

Split Strategy

Today in Maths we learnt the split strategy for multiplication. Check out these cool Toondoo’s made by Campbell and Georgia O!


In class we have been learning different strategies to solve multiplication questions. One of our strategies is to use repeated addition. For example, 5X7= 7+7+7+7+7

Check out this array made by Jacob S. Can you work out how many cricket bats are in the picture?


In the square maths group we have been learning our timetables. We have been using repeated addition and use known facts as our strategies. Check out some of the posters they made as a follow up.


Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework is to list and price all your lunch foods for the week.

We want you to use Countdown On-line to find the foods and their prices and then you can present your foods on a piece of paper or as a post on your blog.

Come on everyone lets get shopping!

Snail & Whale Project

What is happening with our class mascots the snail and the whale? Well currently one is in Wellington, another is heading to Yorkshire, England and the third one is on their way to Michigan, USA.

Hopefully we will get to skype them in the next few weeks. If you want to see what they got up to at their last hosting school just click on the picture below to go to the Snail and Whale Project blog.

Art Mural

Check out this awesome art mural that Linley Rate made with an art extension group last year. It was finally put up yesterday and Luke and Jasmine from Cloud 9 helped create it.

Didn’t they do an awesome job!

Canadian Challenge

Yesterday Mr Toff’s class in Canada challenged us to a ball passing contest. Check out how we went!

Catch Me If You Can

Over the last couple weeks 3D have been working with Sha (Emma’s Mum) on our running and ball skills. It has been lots of fun and we have been learning lots of new skills. Check out the photos!



Canadian Challenge!

Check out this cool challenge I received from Mr Toff’s class in Canada. I wonder if we can beat it? Tomorrow we will set up the video camera and give it a go! I can’t wait!