Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task was to help mum or dad cook dinner. Here are some of the students who took up the challenge!

Congratulations Team!

Check it out everyone, our class blog has reached 39,000 blog hits! What a great achievement!

When we reach 50,000 hits we are going to have a class celebration! I wonder when that will be?

Awesome Week!

3D have had an awesome week and have been learning lots of different things. One of our main focuses has been on setting up our individual blogs and learning how to operate them.

If you want to check any of them out just scroll down to the sidebar on the right and click on the links!

The Journey Begins!

Today 3D sent our snails and whales off to their first host classes! We sent one to Halswell School in Christchurch, one to The Classroom Connection in New Brunswick, Canada and the third one to Discovery Bay International School in Hong Hong.

We hope they arrive safe and can’t wait to see what they get up to!

Time Capsule

Today 3D finished our time capsule and buried it in the school grounds. In our time capsule were some letters we wrote to ourselves and other little goodies. We are going to dig it up on the last day of school!

Reading Time

Today in class we started instructional reading. To start with we are focusing on decoding skills and reading unknown words.

Check out the display in class that helps us when we are unsure of a word!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to help mum or dad to cook dinner! Everyone loves food and cooking is an important skill to learn. So what are you waiting for? Go talk to your parents and start organising tonight’s meal!

Below is a little video of my son Max helping get dinner ready. Max regularly helps us cook and he loves getting involved.

Hands-On Homework

This week’s Hands-On Homework task was to clean your bedroom. Check out the students who completed the challenge!

3D Rules!

In class this week we talked about our individual rights and how this leads on to responsibilities. We decided if we have rights and responsibilities then we will need to have some class rules as well.

Here are the rules that 3D came up with and agreed upon.

Our Class Mascots

 3D have 3 snails and 3 whales as class mascots. Check out these photos of them hanging in class with the students!




Today in class 3D made some wordles about themselves. Check out some of the early finishers!

Introducing 3D!

Check out our awesome class for 2012!