Puppet Show

Today at school we were lucky enough to watch a puppet show called ‘Rules are cool’. It was a crack up and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! Check out the photos!




New Blog Record

Check out the stats for our class blog yesterday. We had 365 individual visitors in one day which is a new blog record! That is an incredible amount of people for one day and shows our class blog has a real global audience.

Thanks to everyone who checks out our class blog, we appreciate it!

Skyping Hong Kong

Today 3D were lucky enough to skype Discovery Bay International School in Hong Kong. The reason we skyped them is they are hosting our class mascots the snail and the whale.

We exchanged questions and talked about the differences between Hong Kong and New Zealand. Would you believe that their school is 10 stories high and has a swimming pool on the roof!

Thanks Discovery Bay School, we enjoyed learning with you!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to create a family tree. I have always been fascinated by my families history and think it is important to know where you came from.

You can use Geni.com or Familyecho.com as these are both excellent free on-line websites. Also if you want you can create your own using paper.

So come on everyone, grab mum or dad and get creating!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task was to create an on-line avatar. Here are a few children who took up the challenge!



Power Free Day

Yesterday at Russell Street School we had no power as our school electrical and internet cables were getting upgraded. Yes you read correctly, no power!

What did we get up to? Well it was back to basics and good old fashioned teaching. Check out what we did for Maths!



Quality Comments

In class we have been learning how to write quality comments. We have lots of blog buddies throughout the world so we thought it would be good to learn how to communicate correctly with them.

So what makes a quality comment? Check out our criteria!

Willard Home

Today 3D went to Willard home to read to the residents. Check it out!



Digital Portraits

3D has finally finished our digital portraits! Check them out, I think they did an awesome job! If you want a closer look just go on the student’s individual blogs.




Today in class we talked about how to use adjectives to improve our writing. Check out this cool video that we watched!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to create your own avatar! An avatar is an on-line identity of yourself to use when you comment on blogs and use the internet.

Below I have listed a number of fantastic websites you can use to create your avatar. The idea is to be as creative as possible.

This task is compulsory for the whole class as everyone needs one for their blog. So what are you waiting for? Lets get creating!




Hungry Anyone?

Check out this funny video David showed the school in assembly last week. It is hilarious!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s Hands-On Homework task was to take mum or dad for a walk. Check out some of the students who took up the challenge!



Digital Portraits

In 3D we have been learning to use Pages and Kidpix to create a digital portrait. Check out some of the early finishers!




Skyping Halswell School

Today in class 3D were lucky enough to skype Halswell School in Christchurch. We skyped them because they are currently hosting our class mascot the snail and the whale.

We talked about the earthquakes and exchanged questions.

Thank you Room 19, we loved seeing our snail and whale and learning about your city. You rock!

Maths Problem

Check out this question I gave to the Circle’s Math group in class. No one in class answered it so I gave it to Rosalind and Grace to try and solve at home. Check out their fabulous answers!


Comic Life Posters

In class we have been learning how to use Comic Life. Check out these posters that R3 made about their summer holiday!


Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to plan out a walk using Run my Route and then take mum or dad on it.

Run my Route is a simple website that allows you to measure how far you have walked. Just click on the link above or picture below to try it out.

Come on everyone, lets get active!