Dove Evolution

Check out this interesting video Nic showed me called ‘Dove Evolution’. Just click on the picture to watch it.

Skyping America

Today Cloud 9 skyped a class overseas in a ‘Where in the world are you’ challenge. The idea was to try and find out where in the world the other class was through ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.

It was lots of fun and the class we were skyping were in New Sharon, Iowa, USA.


Athletics Day

Today was the Russell Street School Athletics day at the Massey Athletics track. It was an excellent day and all the kids did a great job competing in the different events. Check out some of the photos from the day!



Laura’s Poster

Here is a cool poster Laura made about Friday’s Raffle for a ride. It was a pretty cool morning!

The Work Begins!

Over the last couple of days Cloud 9 have been working on their CO2 Cars! It has been awesome fun and I can’t wait until we race them!



Raffle For A Ride

Today at Russell Street School it was raffle for a ride. There were some fantastic vehicles and even a helicopter! Check out the photos!



Our Postcards Have Arrived!

The postcards we made for our friends in Canada have finally arrived! Check out the posts they put on their blog.

Ross Intermediate Visit

Yesterday all the year 6′s from Russell Street School went for a look around Ross Intermediate. It was great seeing how everything works and I think everyone is looking forward to next year.



Interface Magazine Covers

In Cloud 9 we have been creating covers for the Interface Magazine. They are running a contest for students and will put the best ones in the next issue. Check some of them out!



Golf Skills

Today Cloud 9 were lucky enough to have a professional golf coach come in and teach us how to play golf. It was great to try a new sport and Hamish won the longest shot. Check out the photos!



CO2 Racing Cars

In Theme, Cloud 9 is designing and building CO2 racing cars. We will be focusing on speed and also learning about friction, air resistance, gravity and aerodynamics.

This unit is similar to what we did last year but with a different focus.

Children are given a CO2 car kit, which is paid for through their activity fee. The kit contains a balsa base block, 2 standard wheels, four pieces of add on shapes, 2 axle skewers, 2 pieces of rubber hosing, 2 screw eyelets and other bits and pieces.

As a result we need to lend some basic tools. If anyone has the following tools please send them to school. A wood rasp, sandpaper 80, 120, 180 grit and craft knives.

At the end of the unit we will have a race day in the Russell Street School Hall and children will be allowed to take home the cars after that.


Muppets Job

When I was little I used to love watching ‘The Muppets’! It was one of my favourite TV programmes.

Now they are going to make it into a movie and New Zealander Bret McKenzie from ‘Flight of the Conchords’ has landed the job of making music for it. How cool is that!

Check out this little video of him singing the Theme song for the movie with Kermit The Frog!

Family Violence Rap

Last week the police turned up at Russell Street School to congratulate Connor, Lincoln, Reuben and Hunter W for the rap they created for a nation wide family violence competition.

They didn’t win the competition but the police thought it was awesome so they turned up at school for a surprise assembly. Check it out!

On The Couch Logo

Check out this cool logo Zoe designed for our On The Couch section of Street Talk. I am blown away by her creativity!

Street Talk Episode 19

Check it out everyone, Cloud 9 has finished making Street Talk Episode 19! We hope you enjoy it!

Street Talk 19 Trailer

Check out the trailer that Ben made for Street Talk Episode 19! It comes out tomorrow.

Edublog Awards

It is that time of the year again, it’s the 2011 Edublog Awards. The Edublog Awards celebrate the achievements of edubloggers, twitterers, podcasters, video makers, online communities, wiki hosts and other web based users of educational technology.

The awards have been running for 7 years and is an awesome way to recognise people for their hard work and creativity.

To get into the awards you must first be nominated by a fellow blogger. So my nominations for the 2011 Edublog Awards are:

Best Class Blog – The Skinny This is an awesome blog which I have always been a great admirer of. It has been leading the way in class blogging for years and is always full of fun and original ideas.

Best Student Blog – Zoe’s Blog I have picked Zoe’s blog from our class portfolios because it is colourful and full of cool posts. She regularly updates it and it has lots of cool art. Way to go Zoe!

Best Teacher Blog – Integrating Technology  If you are looking for ideas for your classroom, look no further! This blog is full of interesting ways to engage children. A must read!

Best Educational use of Video - Street Talk! This is Cloud 9′s Street Talk News Show Blog! A must watch!

Best New BlogDespicable 3 This is Room 3′s blog at Russell Street School. I love this blog and have my fingers crossed it wins the Interface Awards for best NZ Class Blog.

Just click on the links to check out all these awesome blogs and let me know if you agree.

Graeme At Work!

Today in class we talked about being a newspaper reporter or photographer and how it would be an exciting job. Well here’s proof! Check out this photo of Jessie’s dad Graeme at work next to the Rena.