Cloud 9 Currency

In Cloud 9 this term we are having a class auction to finish the term. As part of the auction Cloud designed their own money to use as rewards. Check out Isaac’s!

RWC Video

Check out this cool video about the RWC. It brought a smile to my face!

Money Brainstorms

Today in class we brainstormed everything we knew about money and created an Image Chef of them. Check some of them out!



Made Awards

This morning I found out that Cloud 9 got 2 entries into the Finals of the Made Awards. The Made Awards is a long running competition for movie and digital excellence for schools throughout New Zealand. How cool is that!

Zoe, Abby and Jessie’s RWC animation made it into the advertisement category and Street Talk Episode 17 made it into the Story Telling category.

The winners of each category receive a new I-Pad and are announced at an awards evening in Tauranga on Thursday 10th November.

Well done Cloud 9, that is an awesome achievement!


Today at Russell Street the senior team went out and practiced for the up-coming athletics day. Check out some of the high jump photos!



Term 4 Goals

In Cloud 9 we have been setting goals for the term. Check out Evan’s awesome Goal Poster!

RWC Fantasy League

Congratulations to Evan for winning the Cloud 9 RWC Fantasy League! He did an awesome job! Check out the top ten placings!

Flags Of Every Country

Check out this cool interactive map that shows all the flags of the world. It is great for learning about your world flags!

Back To School

Tomorrow is back to school! Yippee! I have lots of interesting things planned for us and I’m sure it will be a great term!

What has everyone been up to in the holidays? I spent most of my time hanging out with these two boys. Check out the video!

Rugby World Cup Final

Today is the day! The 2011 Rugby World Cup Final! It’s going to be huge! Hopefully you are getting together with friends and family and supporting our magic team.

All I can say is good luck to the All Blacks, go out and do us proud!

NZ Stamps

Check these stamps that Cloud 9 made for our Canadian Postcards. They are pretty cool!



Game Of The Week

Here is a cool little game to help you learn your world flags. Give it a go, it will help you get a jump on the rest of the class!

World Flags

Who knows all the flags of the major countries in the world? Not me! I thought it might be fun to learn the world flags so this term we are going to give it a go!

So come on everyone lets get practicing! Do you know any of the flags in the picture?

Canadian Postcards

Check out some of Cloud 9′s finished postcards which I am sending off to Canada today.





Term 3 Wordle

What did Cloud 9 learn about in Term 3? Heaps! I sometimes wonder how we fit all these things in! School is so interesting these days!

Street Talk Feedback

Lately we have received lots of great comments about our News Show Street Talk. We love getting feedback and the comments make all the hard work worthwhile! Here are a few of them!

Kevin McFarlane – SHOUT, SHOUT, LET IT ALL OUT!! Tears for Fears (or TFF as I call them) ROCK! And yes … I am the best looking Board member! That was great fun team; I don’t think my record of 19 answers in 1 minute will be beaten until the ABs next win the RWC. GO ENGLAND!!

David - I’m still laughing. It’s got like we’re waiting for our favourite TV programme to come round. When’s the next?

Renee - I love Street Talk! Cloud 9, you are a very talented group! Thank you for all the cool tips and I also enjoyed watching the bloopers! RSS has so much going on every week, it shows what an exciting place it is. Thank you all so much for all your hard work in creating Street Talk 10. Ka pai!

Mr Toft - You have outdone yourselves this time! The talent in front of the camera, and behind the camera, is remarkable. Congratulations to everyone involved. I hope you have enough time left in the year to put out at least one more episode. I cannot rest until I find out who wins the Boy vs. Girl challenge!

Suzanne - Loved seeing behind the scenes, makes us appreciate the hard work and deadlines you work to. Like the new couch format, loved hearing about the woodwork, and definitely want to see Lou on the couch!

Carolyn - That episode was great! Loved seeing how street talk was made, loved seeing the gleeks – they gave me goosebumps and I wish I had seen that live! Love the new couch format. Didn’t get any of the quiz questions right this week…sigh….! Keep up the great work!

Mr Alvaro – Wow, I check out for a few weeks and come back to find you guys are doing some totally awesome stuff. I am going to have to get my fifth graders going on something like this in September. Great job, no, totally awesome job. I am going back and watching all the episodes I missed.

Thanks for the great comments! Just click on the picture if you want to check out all the old episodes!

Learners Anthem

Check out this awesome original song composed by the RSS Band! It’s about being a Russell Street School kid and has made it into the finals of the Manawatu Digi Awards.

Jake wrote the music and Molly-Rose and Kelli wrote the lyrics.  Alice plays drums, Zoe and Jake play guitars, Nic is on bass, Martin and Abby on Keyboards and Molly-Rose, Kelli and Jazz sing vocals.

I think they did an amazing job and fingers crossed for the Digi Awards!

Icon Scrabble

Check out this cool website I found on R6′s Blog at Halcombe School.

You can type in any word and the website will automatically convert the letters to icons.  The instructions are in German, but it’s not hard to figure out what to do.  Go on, have a go!