Production Practice

Today at Russell Street School it was a whole school production practice and I thought Cloud 9 and 7 Up did an amazing job! Check out the photos!



RWC Prezi

In class Cloud 9 have been making Prezis about the Rugby World Cup. Check out Ben and Lincoln’s!

Digi Photo Competition

Check out the slideshow with the photos that made it into the Digi Awards Competition! They are great shots and congratulation to the students who took them!

Interface Magazine!

Guess who is in the latest episode of the Interface Magazine? (ICT Magazine for teachers) Yes you guessed it, Cloud 9! There is a feature article about our News Show Street Talk. How cool is that!

Congratulations team, we work extremely hard putting Street Talk together and getting this exposure is fantastic! Check it out!

Maths Quiz

In Maths the circles group has been learning about Algorithms. As part of their learning they had to make an on-line quiz. Check out Sumayah’s!

Calendar Art

Check out this cool piece of calendar art created by Connor! I love the layout!

Production Props

Production is one week away! What have we been up to? Well over the last couple of days Connor, Alice, Luke and Zoe have been making bicycles for 7 Up’s part of our item. Check them out!



Street Talk Doco

Check out this Doco that Alice made about Street Talk for the Digi Awards. She worked really hard putting this together and I am proud of her efforts!

Environmental Posters

Check out these great posters that Jessie, Zoe and Abby made for the graphic design section of the Digi Awards. They did an amazing job!

Kapa Haka Performance

Here is a short video of the Russell Street School Kapa Haka group performing at the IPC festival on Saturday. I thought they were awesome!

College Teacher

Over the next 2 weeks Cloud 9 has a college teacher working with us in class. His name is Thomas and we are looking forward to learning with him! Here are some photos of him working with the Circles Maths group!



Fantasy Rugby League

What’s happening in our class fantasy rugby world cup league? Check out the top twenty places after round two!

Congratulations Team!

Check it out everyone, we have reached 28,000 blog hits! Way to go team! I wonder when we will reach 30,000?

Portable Radio

Last week Cloud 9′s Canadian Blog Buddies sent us a podcast they made about Canada. It was awesome hearing from them and this week we are going to make postcards to send to them.

If you want to hear more from our blog buddies you can check out their Portable Radio Blog by clicking on the picture. They post lots of things and I am a big fan of the website!

Calendar Art

This week Cloud 9 have been finishing their calendar art. The students has to produce a piece of art using their own photos. Check out some of the finished ones!



Cloud 9 & 7 Up’s Assembly

Today Cloud 9 and 7 Up presented assembly to the school. They performed some dances, songs and digital work and I thought they did an amazing job! Check out the photos!



Production Time

Russell Street School production is only 11 school days away! Wow, how exciting!

Preparation is well under way and we have been learning a dance with Kat and making props and costumes with our buddy class. Next week we are going to step it up a bit and learn our special class item part.

It is a busy time but extremely exciting!



Tina Meets An All Black!

Check out this picture that Zoe’s mum Tina sent me this morning.

She was in a cafe in Hamilton and who happened to be at the table next to her? Yes, it’s Sam Whitelock All Black lock forward. And would you believe Sam is actually from Palmerston North. Talk about cool!