RWC Fantasy Game

This is going to be awesome! I have created a RWC Fantasy league for our class where we can create and manage a team through the RWC.

I will go over the rules with you in class and explain what you have to do. Just click on the picture to sign up!


In the Circles Maths group we have been learning about percentages. Today’s challenge was to make up a percentage question using ToonDoo. See if you can work out Jasmine’s!

Street Talk U-Tube Channel

Are you loving our news show Street Talk? Do you want to look back and watch some of the old episodes?

Well now you can! I have created a Street Talk Playlist on U-tube so all the episodes are together.

Just click on the picture to check them out!

Animation Workshop

Today Jessie, Zoe, Abby and I were lucky enough to attend an Animation Workshop at Russell Street School. We learnt all about how to use I Can Animate and made a short animation about the Rugby World Cup.

Check out the photos!



Interface Magazine Awards

It’s that time of the year again, yes it’s the Interface Magazine Awards!

Last year our class blog ‘The Ins & Outs’ won best class blog in New Zealand and this year I am going to be a judge in the best class blog category.

How cool is that! I get to check out all the blogs and help decide which one is the best. If you want to find out all about this year’s Interface Magazine Awards just click on the picture.

Rugby Final

Yesterday I went down to Saturday morning rugby and watched the final between Isaac and Kobe’s rugby teams. Check out the photos!



Farewell Learn Something Every Day

The awesome website ‘Learn Something Every day’ is closing at the end of this month. It has been a fantastic website which I have frequently visited over the last couple of years.

Below are a few final facts. Goodbye ‘Learn Something Every Day’, I will miss you!



Blog Visitors Record

Check it out, we have recorded a new one day visitor record for our blog!

We recorded 171 individual visitors in one day! And that is not page views where you get a hit every time you go on the blog but individual hits (One hit per computer per day).

How cool is that! Just shows our class blog has a real worldwide audience out there!

Official RWC Website

In class we have learning about the up-coming Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. Here is the official RWC website which has lots of fantastic information.

Auckland Skyline

Here is a slideshow of our finished Auckland Skylines. Didn’t they turn out awesome!

Production Practice

Today Cloud 9 started practicing for our school production at the end of the term.

We were lucky enough to have Kat, Sonita’s friend, come in and work with the children on a dance. It was an awesome session and we are so lucky to have Kat come in and share her expertise! Thanks Kat, you rock!

Check out the photos!



Answer Garden

Check out this cool website called Answer Garden where you can give instant feedback. It’s pretty cool!

City Skylines!

Check out our City Skylines we completed today! They turned out awesome!

We were learning how to combine printing, etching, drawing, painting and colouring to produce a unique mixed media image of a skyline.

I wonder if you can figure out what city we were trying to produce?

Alien Masks

Here is a short slideshow of the Art Extension group and their masks!

Rhythm Interactive Video

Here is some video footage from yesterday’s Rhythm Interactive drum session!

Rhythm Interactive

Today Russell Street School were lucky enough to attend Rhythm Interactive in the hall. Check it out!




Congratulations Team!

Check it out, we have reached 25,000 individual hits on our blog! And when I say individual hits I mean one hit per computer per day. Not those hit counters that give you a hit every time you go on it!

How cool is that! Way to go team, we rock!

Street Talk Episode 16

Here it is everyone, Street Talk Episode 16! The Street Talk team has worked really hard putting this episode together. We hope you enjoy it!