Back To School

Back to school tomorrow, yippee! Hopefully everyone has had an awesome holiday and are all set for a busy term!

So the question is what are we learning about in term 3? Well all I’m going to say is that I have all sorts of cool things planned and tomorrow I will reveal all!

Have an awesome last day off and I will see you tomorrow!

Congratulations Team!

Check it out everyone, we have reached 23,000 individual Blog Hits! That’s awesome! I wonder how many blog hits we will have by the end of the year?

Typing Skills

This term Cloud 9 are going to learn how to type correctly. Since we are a digital class and spend a lot of time working on the computers I thought it would be a good skill for us to learn.

Would you believe that when I was at high school I actually took type writing as a subject. It was boring as!

Anyway Kathleen Morris a wonderful teacher in Australia put together this excellent list of websites that will help you improve your skills. Just click on the picture to get started!

Leadership Lessons

Check out this cool video about leadership! What do you think? I wonder what skills make a great leader?

Learn Something Every Day

Check out these cool space facts from the website Learn Something Every Day. It is an awesome website full of interesting facts!




Term 2 Wordle

What have we been up to this term? Check out the Wordle I made about term 2!

Our Clustr Map

Here is a map showing all the different countries that have visited our class blog.

We have had over a 100 different countries visit which is pretty awesome! I wonder how many red dots we will have by the end of the year?


A Look Back At Terms 1 & 2!

Here is a little video I made looking back at Terms 1 & 2 in Cloud 9. Enjoy!

More Symmetrical Art

Here are some more of our finished symmetrical space art!

New Pluto Moon & Shuttle Landing

Yesterday the space shuttle Atlantis returned safely to earth from its final mission into space. NASA have announced that they are no longer going to send shuttles into space after 30 years of expeditions.

Also yesterday the Hubble Telescope discovered a 4th Moon orbiting Pluto. The new moon is called P4 and is the smallest of the four.

If you want to learn more about either of these events just click on the pictures!

Palmy’s First Flash Mob!

Check out this cool video about Palmy’s first flash mob! Hats off to Jennifer and her team for pulling it off!

How The Planets Got Their Names

Check out these posters Cloud 9 made about how the planets in our solar system got their names. If you want to check the rest of Cloud 9′s out just click on the student’s portfolio links in the right sidebar.

Goodbye Harrison

Friday was Harrison’s last day in Cloud 9 as he is moving back to Canada. We have loved having him in our class and wish him all the best in the future.

Here is the final photo of Harrison and Cloud 9 taken on the last day of term 2!

Floor Planner

In Maths Cloud 9 are learning all about Perimeter and Area.

Last week we looked at this cool site called ‘Floor Planner’ where you can plan your dream home. It is really cool as it lets the kids design their dream home in 2 and 3D. You can also add furniture and gardens to your design.

Anyway it is a great way to learn about Perimeter and Area. If you want to have a go just click on the picture!

Basketball Stats

Here are the basketball stats for the Magic’s basketball season so far. Thanks Moana for creating it!

Symmetrical Space Art

In class we have been learning about symmetry and space so we thought we would design some art to practice our skills. Here are a few of the finished ones, there are more to come later!

Manawatu Digi Awards

This year Manawatu are running a Digital competition based around student’s E-Learning. The competition features a number of different categories and students can enter as many times as they want.

If you want to find out more just click here and it will take you to the Digi Awards Wiki. We will go over this in class and talk about how we can enter.

If there is any category that you would like to enter just come and see me. I’m sure we can find a way to make it fit into our class learning.

Come on Cloud 9, lets get creating and fingers crossed someone might win a major prize at the awards evening in October!

Reward Winners Are….

Scratch the card to find out! What are you waiting for! Scratch it!