Street Talk Episode 14

Check it out everyone, Cloud 9 has finished episode 14 of Street Talk! We hope you like it!

Street Talk Episode 14 Trailer

Check out the trailer for Episode 14 of Street Talk. It will be released tomorrow!

Learning About Percentages

In class we have been learning how to find a percentage of a number. Check out Connor’s example.

3D Shapes

In Maths Cloud 9 are learning about 3D shapes so today we decided to use sticks and plasticine to make some. Check them out!

Art Extension

Every Tuesday Abby’s mum Leanne is going to run an art extension in Cloud 9. She is going to work with 8 students who show ability in art. How cool is that! Thanks Leanne, you rock!

Anyway which students have I picked? Congratulations to Zoe, Connor, Abby, Hamish, Jessie, Alice, Luke and Jasmine!

Watch this space for the end results!

Angles Game

Here is a cool game to help you practice your angles. Give it a go, it’s fun!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to complete one hour of bird watching in your backyard. Yes you read correctly, bird watching!

Every year Landcare Research do a Garden Bird Survey to find out what birds are living in our gardens. This is an excellent task as it will help with national research and hopefully teach you all about the different types of birds found in New Zealand.

All you have to do is Click Here to complete the survey on-line and learn more about the task.

Space Art

In class we have been creating space pictures using Kidpix, Collage and our drawing skills. I think they turned out great. Check them out!

School Band

Here is a little clip of the school band performing at assembly yesterday. I thought they were awesome, check it out!

20,000 Blog Hits

Congratulations everyone, we have reached 20,000 individual blog hits (60,000 page views) on our class blog! That is an awesome achievement as our blog has only been going for just over 3 terms.

Thanks everyone who visits our blog and makes it such a wonderful place to visit!

To celebrate our achievement my wife Trudi made us a delicious chocolate cake. Check out the photo!

Reward Winners Are….

Who has control of the couch and orange chair? Scratch the card to find out!


In Cloud 9 for fitness we are practicing gymnastics. Check out the photos!

Russell Street Trophies

Check out the 2 trophies that Hamish’s dad Martin donated to Russell Street school. One is for the flags challenge between R9 and R12 and the other one is for Player Of The Day in the Y5/6 Basketball team.

Thanks Martin, you rock! I can’t wait to give out the basketball trophy tomorrow night!

The Duck Song

Check out this really funny song that Ebony showed me about a duck! I think it is funny as! There is also song 1 and 3.

Space Postcards

Cloud 9 have finally finished their space postcards. Check some of them out!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task is to create a jingle for Street Talk. Yes you read correctly, a jingle! I am not putting any restrictions or requirements on your jingle, just be creative!

You can record your jingle on Vocaroo and put it on your blog or use your computer and bring it in on a memory stick.

Come on everyone, lets get creating!

Picture Of The Day

Check out this really cool website I found on the internet called Picture Of The Day. It is run by NASA and each day it features a new picture about space.

The best thing about it is all pictures can be copied and used in the space websites that you are designing. Thanks NASA, you rock!

New Street Talk Logo

And the winner of the Street Talk Logo competition is Zoe! Congratulations Zoe, I loved your idea and original design. It is going to make a fantastic logo for our news show.

Thanks everyone else for your designs, I enjoyed them all, but unfortunately there could only be one winner.

Check out the winning design!