Congratulations Will & Kate!

Wow, what a wedding! Congratulations to Will and Kate for a wonderful day!

London is such an amazing city and seeing all the footage from the wedding made me want to go back! (Where’s my passport!)

Check out these great photos of their special day and Click Here to watch a short video.

Khan Academy

Check out this wonderful website called the Khan Academy. It started out with a guy making a few educational videos for his cousin and now has grown into a full on educational system!

It has over 2,000 videos on all sorts of different learning areas. It has a great section on Space which we will have a look at in class.

If you want to learn something new or just get a head start on the class click on the picture below. What are you waiting for? It is one cool website!

Term 2 Goals

When Cloud 9 gets back after the holidays we are going to set some goals for term 2.

Instead of writing them in our books I thought we could use Extranormal to make them. Extranormal is a cool website where you can use text to make movies.

Check out my goals!

Photography Tips

Here are a couple of posters Cloud’9 made about Photography. I think they did a great job!


Here is a great ANZAC Website that we are going to have a look at when we get back to school.

It has some fantastic stories of what actually happened on that fateful day. My favourite part is the ANZAC Landing in 3D. It is awesome!

Royal Wedding

You have got to watch these videos! They are awesome!

The first is a spoof of the up-coming royal wedding and below that is the original wedding which inspired the spoof. They both are classic!

Congratulations Team!

Check it out everyone, we have reached 15,000 individual Blog Hits!

That’s awesome team! When we reach 20,000 we are going to have a Wii Sports afternoon and maybe even another cake! Watch this space!

Street Talk Blog

Street Talk was such a success last term that Cloud 9 are going to continue making it in term 2.

If you want to find out more about Street Talk or just watch some of the old episodes you can now go to our Street Talk Blog. The Blog features everything you ever wanted to know about Street Talk!

Next term we are planning on making Street Talk bigger and better than term 1. Watch this space!

This Is Cool!

Check out this cool video from the show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’! I love watching video clips like this!

Just click on the picture to watch it and don’t forget to let me know what you think!

Term 1 Wordle

Here is a Wordle I made about Term 1. I didn’t realise we got up to so much! Just click on the picture to make one of your own!

Clapper Board

Check out Cloud 9′s new clapper board we bought off the internet to use when filming Street Talk. It’s kinda cool!

Term 1 Reflection

Check out Harrison and Zoe’s Term 1 Reflections they made using Glogster! They are pretty cool! Just Click on the pictures to get a closer look!

Willard Home

Here are some photos from Cloud 9′s recent visit to Willard Home.

Homework Task

This week’s hands-on homework task is to visit the newly renovated Te Manawa Museum. Te Manawa is a fantastic educational centre that has only recently reopened after a major renovation.

I thought this would be a great thing to do in the school holidays. If you are really keen, Te Manawa also have a specially designed School Holiday Programme.

Anyone who visits Te Manawa and sends me a photo to my e-mail can have a dot when they return to school.

So what are you waiting for? Go ask mum or dad if they can take you!

Zoe’s Ins & Outs

3, 2, 1 ACTION!

Hello and welcome to Zoe’s In & Outs.

This week we have been up to HEAPS! First, yesterday we had a buddy challenge day. It was so much fun! Second we made a term reflection each on a website called glogster. Third, The Ins & Outs has had 14,000 blog hits! Don’t forget to CHECK IT OUT!!! Fourth, Seed 2 Table was last Friday and lucky last STREET TALK EPISODE 10 IS OUT!!

Yesterday we had the buddy challenge day! At the start of the term we each got a buddy from 7 up. At buddy day we were doing all sorts of activities and I hope that we can do it again next term!

We all have been working on a poster each about our term. We made the posters on a website called glogster. On Glogster you can add links, add photos, add music, add pictures, add videos and heaps more!

We have finally reached 14,000 hits on our blog which is amazing! I hope that we can make 20,000 by the end of Term 2! GO CLOUD 9!!!

Our class is doing Seed 2 Table. Seed 2 Table is where we make our own lunch and it is heaps of fun! First we grow the vegetables, we cook the food, we serve the food on the table and finally we EAT! Yum!!

Last of all Street Talk Episode 10 is out! We have all worked really hard over the last 2 weeks and my favorite part is the bloopers! Please check it out!!!

Joke: What’s the difference between a train and a teacher? A teacher says, “Spit out you gum” and a train says, “Chew, chew!”

See you next time for Zoe’s Ins and Outs!

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays Cloud 9! It has been a great term and we have been working really hard. It only seems like yesterday that the term started and we were meeting each other for the first time.

I wonder what term 2 has in store? Well I can guarantee that it will be full of fun and creativity!

Have a great break everyone and I will see you all back in two weeks!

And The P.O.W Is…

You know how it works, scratch the card to find out the final P.O.W of the term!

Street Talk – Episode 10

Well here it is, Episode 10 of Street Talk! Cloud 9 have been working extremely hard over the last couple of weeks putting this together. We think it is our best episode yet, ENJOY!