Chalk Drawing

Here is a cool little video of the Chalk Drawing of the cathedral which we made for Christchurch.

Board Report

Over the past few awesome weeks we have been:

This Board Report and Business Card below were created by Connor Dunlop.

Favourite Photos

Here is a little slideshow of my favourite photos that Cloud 9 have taken this week. Check them out, they are awesome!

Tryathlon Recounts

Cloud 9 have finally finished publishing their Tryathlon Recounts. Check some of them out!

Alice’s Ins & Outs

Lights, Camera, Action! Hello this is ALICE’S COLUMN and every 3rd week I write it so keep an eye out for my next column. This week we have been up to some very creative and wicked stuff. Well not that wicked, do you call 1k running fun, doing it twice makes it even worse.

This week we did some awesome photography. I got an awesome photo of Misty the school’s cat. Go down the blog and you will see some of the wicked photos some people from our class took.

This week we have also had a running course that we have to do each morning before brunch. Remember kids if you don’t do your fitness each day you will soon become over weight!

Last of all we are having basketball trials next week for Stephen’s Russell Street School basketball team. Everyone try their hardest and you may get into his team. Good Luck I hope I make it!

Joke Time: Why was piglet and tiger looking is the toilet? Because they were looking for pooh. Get it?

Thanks for visiting my column and see you in three weeks!

Photo Of The Day

Check out this great photo of Jessie taken by Zoe. What makes this such a great photo?

Zoe’s Family Tree

Our homework task this week was to create a family tree. Well today Zoe brought in a family tree that her Nana had made a few years ago. Check it out, it’s awesome!

Into The Book

In Cloud 9 we are having a big push on improving our reading skills. We are learning all about the different comprehension strategies in an effort to help us improve our reading ability.

Anyway here is a really cool website called ‘Into The Book’ which goes through each individual comprehension strategy. We are going to use it in class as part of our reading programme.

Just click on the picture to check it out!

Photo Of The Day

This afternoon Cloud 9 worked on their photography skills again.

This is my favourite photo of the session. I’m not sure who took it but it follows all the things we talked about. (Close up, rule of thirds, fill the picture and experiment)

Cloud 9 On Twitter!

Today I started a Twitter account for our classroom at Russell Street.

Twitter is an awesome tool for communicating and sharing information with others. Cloud 9 is going to use it to share what we have been up to in class and hopefully communicate with other classes around the world.

I wonder what we are going to tweet about? I wonder how many followers we can get? Just click on the picture or look at our Twitter widget on the sidebar to check it out!

Challenge 4 – Finding My Way

This week’s challenges in the Student Blogging Challenge is all about finding your way around your blog. Please complete the following:

1) Create some blogroll categories.

2) Add some links to your blogroll.

3) Create some post categories.

4) Write a post about where in the world you would like to visit.

5) Create a poll asking your readers where in New Zealand they would like to visit.

Don’t forget to link back to the Student Blogging Challenge post at the bottom of your posts! Happy blogging everyone!

Congratulations Team!

Check it out everyone, we have reached 13,000 unique visitors on our blog! That is an awesome achievement as we have one of those hit counters that only records one hit per computer per day.

At the moment we are averaging about 90 hits per day which shows we have built up a genuine audience.

I wonder how many hits we will have by the end of the year? If we reach 20,000 we are going to have a shared lunch/party!

Homework Task

This week’s hands-on homework task is to create a family tree. I have always been fascinated by my families history and think it is important to know where you came from.

You can use either or as both are excellent free websites that allow you to create a family tree. Once you have finished your tree take a screen shot and put it on your Portfolio.

So come on everyone, grab mum or dad and get creating!

Homework Task

This week’s hands-on homework task was to visit the town library. Here are a few students who completed the challenge!

Cloud 9 Avatars

Check out these Avatars Cloud 9 made as part of the Student Blogging Challenge! They are digital representations of ourselves and show up every time we leave a comment.

And The P.O.W Is…

Who is this week’s P.O.W? Scratch the card to find out! What are you waiting for, it could be you!

Street Talk – Episode 8

Check it out everyone, Cloud 9 have finished Episode 8 of our news show Street Talk. We have worked extremely hard getting it all done and think it could be our best episode yet!

Learning About Photography

Today in Cloud 9 we started learning about how to take a great photo.

We talked all about the rule of thirds, filling the picture, framing it, using good light, be aware of the background, move in closer, look up, down and back, use different angles and focusing on the subject.

Check out some of the results.