Mystery Cake!

Today I found a chocolate cake on my desk with a message saying, ’10,000 Hits Cake’.

Cloud 9 has no idea who made it but we shared it out amongst our class.

Thank you so much to the mystery baker! The cake was delicious and we definitely enjoyed it!

Homework Task

This week’s Hands-on homework task is to prepare a survival kit with mum or dad. With the recent earthquake in Christchurch I thought this would be an appropriate task.

If you click on the picture below it will show you a list of all the recommended items you will need.

I don’t have a survival kit so I’m going to complete the task as well. If you have already got one organised then don’t worry, you are sorted!

Don’t forget to take a photograph and bring into school for our blog! Come on everyone, lets get organised!

Amazing Stats!

Check it out everyone, ‘The Ins & Outs’ just had its 1,000th comment!

That is remarkable considering how long the blog has been going. Unfortunately it wasn’t someone from Cloud 9 who wrote the 1,000th comment so I can’t give out any credits.

Also yesterday we set a Blog record with 170 Individual hits in one day! In the 4 years I have been running a blog that is by far the most.

So thank you everyone who is visiting and leaving comments on ‘The Ins & Outs’! We appreciate your support and it’s great knowing there is a real audience out there!


Here are a few more of our finished self-portraits! Didn’t they turn out great!

And The P.O.W Is…

Congratulations Cloud 9!

Check it out everyone, Cloud 9′s blog has reached 10,000 blog hits! And that is genuine hits as our counter will only allow you to record one hit per day.

This is an awesome achievement as ‘The Ins & Outs’ has only been going for 8 months. In fact I remembered when I created it I was wondering if anyone would go on it.

Should we celebrate our fantastic achievement? Let me know what you think!

Buddy Time!

Yesterday Cloud 9′s House Leaders created a obstacle course for us and our buddies to complete. Check it out!

Earthquake Websites

I was looking around the internet and I found these sites about Earthquakes. We will have a look at them tomorrow in class.

1) Pictures before and after the Christchurch Earthquake

2) Create your own Earthquakes

3) Interactive on Earthquakes

Street Talk – Episode 6

Check out the latest episode of Street Talk! Cloud 9 have been working really hard putting this together and we think it is our best episode yet!

Thursday Notice Board

This year at Russell Street School we are not sending home a paper version of the Thursday Notice Board. Instead we will provide a electronic version on-line which can be up-dated and viewed at any time.

The new electronic version provides many benefits and everyone has been working hard to get it up and running.

If you want to check out this week’s Notice Board just click here!

Karate Master!

Yesterday Jasmine in our class bought in her Karate belt and uniform to show Cloud 9. She has been learning Karate since she was 5 and is a purple belt.

Way to go Jasmine! You rock!

Quad Buddies – Post 3

Every week in Cloud 9 we discuss a topic and video someone giving their opinion on it. We call it Speaker’s Corner after the famous speaker’s corner in Hyde Park, London.

Anyway this week we though we would put the topic up for everyone to comment on. Just watch the video to see this week’s topic!

Christchurch Earthquake Map

This is fantastic site showing the Christchurch earthquake and all the after shocks. Click on the picture to check it out!

Christchurch Earthquake

Here is a little video with some of the footage from today’s earthquake in Christchurch. The Prime Minister described it as New Zealand’s darkest day. Click here to find out more.

Quad Buddies – Post 2

Hey Quad buddies, here is a fun task for everyone to complete. It’s called ‘Caption This’.

The idea is you have to write a funny caption to go with this picture. Send your captions in as comments and let’s see what everyone comes up with!

Writing Website

In class we are going to learn how to write a Recount in writing. Here is a great website which we are going to use in class to help us.

Just click on the picture to check it out!

Quad Buddies – Post 1

Hey Quad buddies, we are looking forward to this week and can’t wait to connect with everyone.

Since the spotlight is on our blog this week we thought we would add a new post everyday for you guys to check out and comment on. We plan on posting information about New Zealand, videos for you to watch and a ‘Caption This’ picture.

All you need to do is visit our blog every day and comment on the different posts! Let the fun begin!

POST 1 – Our Questions

What Good Writers Do!

Today in class we talked all about why we write and what good writers do. Check out our brainstorm!

Can you think of any things we missed?