Closed For The Summer!

Yay, the 2010 school year has finally come to an end! Everyone has worked extremely hard and deserves their summer holiday.

Our class Blog will be closed for the summer as I am putting my feet up for a well earned break. The blog has been a huge success and I appreciate everyone who has supported it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone in 2010 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Street Talk – Christmas Special

In the last couple of days Street Talk put together this Christmas Special. Check it out, I think it’s their best episode yet!!

We Are Winners!

I just found out that R3 were amongst the winners in the Student Blogging Challenge.

A few weeks ago everyone in R3 had to write a post on what they would include if they were in charge of the Student Blogging Challenge. Well the winners have been announced and here is what they said:

Way to go team, you were all winners!! Everyone worked extremely hard writing their post and it’s great to be amongst the winners. The 5 Edublog Pro Subscriptions can be used to set up portfolios for next year!

I would like to thank Miss W and Sue Waters who ran the Student Blogging Challenge. We have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in all the different activities and will definitely be entering next year!

It’s All Over Now!

Here is a little video looking back on my 2 terms in R3.

Final Goodbyes!

Jump Jam Competition

In R3 we have been learning a Jump Jam song for Christmas. Well to make it a little more interesting we decided to make it a competition between the boys and the girls.

Anyway we want you to decide who did the best job at performing it. All you have to do is scroll down below this post and watch both performances and then vote in the poll. The winners get a small reward from Stephen.

So what are you waiting for? You have the power to decide!!!

Girls Jump Jam

Boys Jump Jam

Stain Glass Windows

In class we have been working on our Christmas Stain Glass Windows. Check them out!

Anna’s Animal Facts

Hi, welcome to Anna’s Animal Facts. Today we are learning some facts about reindeers. I chose reindeers because it is close to Christmas.

  • Male reindeer drop their antlers at the end of the winter after the rut and re-grow them again in January or February.
  • Reindeers eat about 3.7 pounds of feed per day.
  • Reindeers are part of the deer family.
  • Reindeer calves weigh about 14 pounds when they are born.
  • Adult females weigh about 162 – 187 pounds while the males weigh 200 – 220 pounds on average.
  • Calves are born between May and June and grow very quickly so they can keep up with the herd.
  • Reindeer live in cold snowy places – like close to the north pole.
  • Reindeers can live for about 70 years.

This was my last column of the year. I hope you have enjoyed reading my column and I will see you next year!

Water Fight

On Friday R3 had a water fight in the school pool as a reward for all our hard work.

I took an absolute hammering but it was definitely the most fun I have had at school all year!

Here is a great picture taken by Finn and if you want to see some video of it watch Street Talk on Thursday.

Google Search Story

Here is a little video I made about my year using Google Search Stories. Check it out it’s kinda groovy!

Mystery Reader

Yesterday R3 were lucky enough to have Laura’s mum Carolyn come in and be a mystery reader. She read ‘It’s a Book’ which was all about how technology is taking over and books are slowly disappearing.

Will books eventually disappear altogether? Will I-Pads and I-Touchs take over? I wonder what the future holds?

Thanks Carolyn for getting us thinking and being a mystery reader. You rock!! Next week we have our finally mystery reader. I wonder who it is?

Summer Disco!

Here is a little video I whipped up of the Summer Disco last night. Check it out, I think you will love it!

Crusaders Touch Team

Today was the last game of the season for my touch rugby team the Crusaders.

At the end of today’s game we had a little awards ceremony to celebrate our awesome team. Millar has been a standout player and was chosen for Player of the Year. Alice has come on in leaps and bounds and received Most Improved Player.

It has been an awesome season and I have really enjoyed being the coach. I look forward to next year!

And The P.O.W is…

The Pool Is Open!

The weather has been so good lately that Ivan has opened the school pool. Here are some photos from today’s swimming session.

Anna’s Animal Facts

Hi and welcome to Anna’s Animal Facts. Today we are learning some facts about whales. I think whales are really interesting because they are the biggest mammal in the world. Some of the facts I have learnt are:

  • Calves of the larger whales like a humpback are about 4m long at birth
  • Young Orca whales are very playful
  • The second largest whale (Fin whale) can swim at 48km per hour
  • The Grey whale is the only bottom-feeding whale. It scoops up huge mouthful of mud from the seabed which it sieves to find food
  • A Blowhead whale has the largest mouth of any animal in the world- a minibus could drive into it.
  • Pilot whales have sharp hooked teeth. The hook shape helps to stop fish escaping.
  • The moans of the blue whale register 180 decibels. This is the loudest sound made by any animal and is much louder then a jet engine.
  • The Gery whales migrate the furthest, as much as 20,400km each year from the Arctic to Mexico and back again.

See you next time on Anna’s Animal Facts. I hope you learnt something.