Athletics House Relay

Here is a little video of today’s student/teacher house relay. It was a great race and I think you are going to enjoy the video!

Athletics Day

Today was the Russell Street School Athletics day at the Massey Track.

There was lots of events like discus, hurdles, sprints, high jump, long jump, javelin and shot put.

Everyone had a great time and a special thanks goes out to Ebony who organised everything.

Capitals Of The World

Next Monday Room 3 is taking on Auroa School in another capitals of the world Skype challenge. We have had a bit of a break but thought we would have another challenge to finish the year.

This time there is going to be 2 different challenges. One with 50 really hard capitals for the experts and on with 50 easy ones for the children still learning their capitals.

Here is a recording by Ethan of the 50 hard capitals. He has done a great job with the pronunciation as some of the capitals I have never even heard of.

Hot Air Balloon Experiment

Today I brought in my hot air balloon. It was made out of tissue paper and wire.

When we tested the balloon it caught on fire. I think that we used too much methylated spirits.

I am going to make another one and test it again with less methylated spirits.

By Ethan

Alice’s Ins & Outs

Whatz up people? Today on Alice’s Ins and Outs we have some breaking news. I lost all my races for my C02 car races, talk about stink!

Yesterday we raced our C02 cars against Rosie’s class. I lost all my races… what are you laughing about? Well that’s the sad news, the good news is that Stephen’s car broke in half!  Ha, ha I’m just kiding Stephen.

The top 3 racing cars were Ella’s, Kian’s and Kaitlin’s. And the winner was…. wait for it…. wait for it.. well it was Kaitlin from Rosie’s class. Better luck next time Room 3.

We have also just finished our 3rd Episode of Street Talk. If you want to see it just go on to our U-Tube account Children’s Revolution. I am the presenter which is kinda embarrassing!

Did you hear about our touch rugby team last week? We won both games and have the best team ever!

Joke Time – Why did the man put his money in the freezer? He wanted cold hard cash. Ha ha. Get it?

See you next time on Alice’s Ins and Outs.


Here is a cool Storybird that Laura wrote in Literacy. I love how she has used speech marks and interesting words!

And The P.O.W Is…

Continents Of The World

In class we read a cool picture book called ‘Little Elephant’ which is about an elephant that travels around the world.

Anyway we thought we would use Kidpix to map out his journey and identify the different continents he visited. Here is Anna’s map she created.


This month is Movember and some of the male teachers have been growing mustaches.

Anyway next week the child that raises the most sponsorship gets to shave off the teachers’ mustaches. Here is a little video we made to advertise the event.

Karate Girl!

Jessica in our class does Karate in her space time. Check out her moves!

Hannah’s Hotspot Update

There has been some sad news today. Just before 3pm there was another explosion in the mine. It was much bigger than the last one!! The mine officials (bosses) say it would be a miracle if anyone survived.

I feel really sad about it because the families must feel so upset and they must have been terrified!

Just click on the picture to find out more.

Looking At Perimeter

Which has the biggest Perimeter – Russell Street School or the Palmerston North Square? Is the Square really a square?

Perimeter And Area

Toady in Maths we learnt all about Perimeter and Area. We did some examples on the board, looked at a cool perimeter website and google earthed the perimeter of The Square and Russell Street School. I wonder which one is bigger?

We also measured the perimeter of different shapes in our classroom.

CO2 Race Day Video

Here is a short video with some clips from yesterday’s CO2 race day. Check it out, those cars sure do go fast!

CO2 Race Day

Today R3 raced our CO2 cars against R11. It was an awesome morning and a great way to finish our CO2 car unit.

Here is a cool photo from the racing, I will have some video footage up later.

Anna’s Animal Facts

Hi and welcome to Anna’s Animal Facts. Here are some facts about tigers.

  • There are 5 types of tigers (Bengal, Siberian, Indo-Chinese, Sumatran and the South China tiger).
  • The largest known Siberian tiger weighed 466kg.
  • White Bengal tigers are rare. Most have blue eyes.
  • No two tiger have the same pattern of stripes.
  • Tigers have 30 vertebrae in their backbone that is five more than humans.
  • Tiger canine teeth are about 10cm long, about the same length as a middle finger of an adult man.
  • All tigers have a white spot on the back of their ears.
  • The oldest known tiger lived to about 26 year of age in a zoo.

See you next time on Anna’s Animal facts!

Street Talk – Episode 3

Here is Episode 3 of our news show Street Talk. The kids have been working hard on this, we hope you like it!

CO2 Car Reflection