Auckland Here We Come!

As you know our entry into the Multimedia Challenge made it into the top 3 of the video section and the awards ceremony is on Friday 12th of November at the TVNZ buildings in Auckland.

Well the good news just keeps getting better….wait for it....Stephen, Ella, Alice and Madeline are flying to Auckland to attend the ceremony! How cool is that! Thank you David and Russell Street School for allowing us to go, we appreciate it!

What a great day it will be!! We get to fly to Auckland and back, attend the ceremony, collect out prize for either 1st, 2nd or 3rd and enjoy the moment. The Minister of Education Anne Tolley is handing out the prizes and the winning entries feature on TVNZ on demand and in the NetGuide Magazine.

I can’t wait, it’s going to be a day to remember!

Happy Halloween

Hannah’s Hotspot

A critically unwell black rhino shot nine times by poachers (hunters that are breaking the law) in South Africa has been moved to a zoo in Johannesburg.

A spokesman for the Endangered Wildlife Trust said on Monday – five-year-old Phila will stay at the zoo until she recovers from her wounds, which may take six months. (Wow that’s a long time!!!)

Although she had been dehorned, so she would be less attractive to poachers, Phila was shot twice in the wild and seven times in captivity at a game farm.

Her owner Allan Salkinder said keeping rhinos safe would be difficult as these types of crimes are common.

The zoo said extra security has been put in place to protect Phila.

South Africa hosts more than 90 percent of the world’s rhino population. They have been losing about 20 rhinos per month (That is really sad!!!).

Thanks for reading and I will see you next week on Hannah’s Hotspot!!

Andy Warhol Can Art

In class we have been looking at Andy Warhol’s famous soup can and we thought we would try and create our own. Here are the first few finished!

Ugly Dancer

This is so cool!!! Click on the picture to watch Hannah and her dance moves!! Go Hannah, you rock!!

Finals Of The Multimedia Challenge!

Today I received the fantastic news that the video R3 made for the Net Guide Multimedia Challenge has made it into the top 3 of the video section. How cool is that!

Ella, Madeline and Alice worked extremely hard on the movie and are stoked to have made the top 3. The awards ceremony is in Auckland on the 12th of November and the winners receive a whole lot of new ICT equipment for their school.

If you want to check out our entry click here and if you want to check out the other finalist click here.

We are really excited as our class is now up for NZ Class Blog of the Year and best video in the Multimedia Challenge Awards. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Fingers crossed, go the Digiridoos!

And The P.O.W Is…

Andy Warhol

Today in class we talked about Andy Warhol and looked at some of his Art. We loved his Soup Can and decided to create our own version of it.

Watch this space to see what we come up with! Below is a little movie of his work.

Street Talk

I have been thinking about our Street Talk News Show and have decided to make some changes to the team.

I originally thought I would pick the best possible team and keep it the same way each week. This way I could develop the children’s skills and eventually they would run it by themselves.

Well the show is a lot of fun and I think it has huge potential. We hope to improve the show and keep making it for the rest of the year. So what I want to do is get everyone involved in the show.

What I have decided to do is keep the 2 presenters, 2 editors and cameraman jobs the same but each show use different reporters. So instead of having the same 3 reporters each week I will chose people who come up with news items and give everyone a turn.

Hopefully this way everyone will feel involved in the show and everyone gets a turn in front of the camera.

Let me know what you think, I am interested in your thoughts.

Portfolio Of The Week

Every student in our class has their own Portfolio and they work hard to maintain them.

Anyway what I thought I would do each week is pick ‘The Portfolio Of The Week’ and write a quick post about it on our class blog. That way it gets a bit of extra exposure and highlights their achievements.

So this week’s Portfolio belongs to Madeline. I have chosen Madeline because she is a clever worker who always completes her work to a high standard.

Click on the picture to check out her portfolio, I think you will be impressed!

Forces Activity

Here is a little activity to help you learn about Friction. Give it a go, it’s fun!

Theme – Forces

In class this term we are going to be building and racing CO2 Cars. We are going to race them in the hall and find out who has designed the fastest car in the senior team.

I wonder how do we design the fastest racing car possible? Danielle – Have it low to the ground, Alice – Don’t make it to big or small, Hannah – Don’t make it to heavy, make it light, Ethan – Make it pointy at the front

I wonder what has Force got to do with it? R3 are not quite sure????

In class we read Investigating Science ‘What Is A Force?’ and learnt all about forces and their effects.

I wonder what we learnt?

Piano Jam!

Here is a little movie of Danielle and Alice jamming on the piano. Enjoy!

Posting Guidelines

In R3 every student has their own Blog and we Post in them at least once a week.

Since we write in them so often I thought it would be a good idea to come up with some Posting Guidelines. So here is what we came up with:
  • Always use capital letters in the title
  • It is important that our writing makes sense
  • Try to make your writing interesting for the reader
  • One space after each word
  • Use capital letters, Full stops and good punctuation
  • Use Capitals letters for names, places, countries and cities.
  • Punctuation goes directly after the last letter followed by a space
  • Use paragraphs in your writing
  • Correct any spelling mistakes which have red lines under them
  • When you have finished edit and read your work back
  • Remember you have a worldwide audience – keep it positive and do your best
  • Always add a picture to support your writing
  • Make sure pictures are a good size (Large or 2 mediums)
  • Always add a category to your Post
  • Get the teacher to check your work before publishing it

3D Shapes

Yesterday in class R3 learnt all about 3D shapes. We learnt the difference between a Cone and a Cylinder and also the difference between a Prism and a Pyramid?

Today we decided to make some of the 3D shapes using toothpicks and clay. Here are some of our results, go to the children’s blogs to see the rest.

Alice’s Ins & Outs

Yo Yo diggy Dog, don’t you get that I’m a frog. No that’s not it and I’m not even a frog.

Well this week Stephen’s wife had a scan to see if their baby was a girl or a boy. Well most of the class wanted it to be a girl and it turned out to be…..a boy. Stephen is happy and he says, “Two opening batsman” because he loves Cricket and already has Max.

The person that did the scan was Ella’s mum and she was 99.9 percent sure that it was going to be a boy. Well that’s good because now their little boy can have some of Max’s old stuff.

This week we did some fitness with James and his class. That was really fun. That game we played was called dodge ball because you’re meant to dogde the ball. I was awesome at it! In class we learnt some geometry and some new shapes in 3D. It was very interesting and I liked doing it.

Today we have a touch rugby game Vs the other Russell Street team. I hope we win. Our game on Friday has been postponed until next week.

Joke Time: What is count Dracula’s favourite dog? A Bloodhound. Do you get it? See ya next time on Alice’s Ins and Outs.

Challenge 5

This week’s challenges in the student blogging challenge involve images.

Just click on the picture to check them out. I will go over in class which ones we are going to do. Happy blogging everyone!

Sports Stars

Congratulations to Bree, Jakob and Anna who all received trophies at Friday’s sports assembly. Way to go team!