Who Inspires You?

Here is a little movie I found which is all about ‘Who inspires you?’ The man speaking in the video is Sir Ken Robinson who is an educational expert.

Sir Ken is an inspirational speaker and would you believe he is coming to Palmerston North in January to speak at a teacher’s conference.

We are going to watch it in class and talk about who inspires us in our own lives. I certainly have lots of people who inspire me. I wonder who inspires you?

Art Extension

Check out these awesome panels the kids in R14 made with Tina Bell.

They were made as part of an art extension group and are based on the seed to table project. I think they did a FAB JOB!

Bloopers Video

Here is the Bloopers Video from the Multimedia Challenge Video Alice, Ella and Madeline made. Check it out, it’s funny!

Commandments Of Blogging

Challenge # 2 – Commandments Of Blogging

Part of Challenge # 2 for the Student Blogging Challenge is to write down your commandments for Blogging. Here are mine…

  1. Post Often - It is important to update your posts frequently and add a new post at least every 2 days. No one will visit or return to your blog if it is not updated regularly.
  2. Add a variety of Posts – Having a variety of posts on your blog makes it interesting and good to look at. There is nothing worse than checking out a Blog and finding its last 10 posts are all the same.
  3. Add a photo or image to each post – This adds detail to the post and adds to the visual appeal of your blog.
  4. Don’t write too much – Posts should be keep short and always use paragraphs. No one wants to read screens of writing.
  5. Edit – Before posting your comment or post, read your writing out loud to see if it sounds right. Then correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  6. Have a variety of widgets – These add to the look of the blog and are fun. Remember who your primary audience is…KIDS!
  7. Keep it positive – Blogs are in a public domain. It is important that we are proud of everything we write.
  8. Protect your identity – Never use last names or give out personal information. Better safe than sorry.
  9. Give credit where credit is due! – If you are using an idea, image or information from another Blog please acknowledge them. It might just be a thank you or a link back to their blog.
  10. Leave a comment - If you like a post or blog leave a comment. All bloggers love getting comments as it shows that there is a real live audience out there.

Game Of The Week

Check out this cool Maths game. I wonder how it works?

Happy Holidays!

A Look Back At Term 3

Congratulations Team!

And The P.O.W Is…

I Am Late To School Because…

Yesterday Vayda was late to school and her excuse was, “A tree fell down over my driveway so I couldn’t get to school”. I thought to myself, “That’s a good one!”.

Anyway she was telling the truth and here is the evidence!

What are some excuses that you have used or can think of? Here are some of R3′s…..

My alarm didn’t go off, I slept in, my cat threw up on my lunch box, I had an accident in the car, the bus was late, my house caught on fire, I just got back from holiday, my car broke down, my mum ran over me, I lost all my clothes, my dog ate the car keys, I got lost going to the dairy, the car drove off without me, I got stuck in the toilet, an alien kidnapped me, my Mum and Dad have a hangover from their poker game (Millar!!), our driveway cracked in half….

What are your excuses?

Mystery Reader # 1

Today we were lucky enough to have Jakob’s Mum Daina come into class and be our very first Mystery Reader.

She dressed up and read ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ from the pigs perspective and the wolf’s perspective. Daina even answered a few questions and we quizzed her on her capitals.

Thanks Daina you rock! I wonder who the next Mystery Reader will be?

Street Talk!

Last week a group of kids in our class asked me if they could make a weekly news show about what is happening in school. Well I have been thinking of doing something like this for a while so I said absolutely.

We came up with a list of jobs we needed and decided to call the show Street Talk. Today we had some auditions for presenters and everyone put in a great effort. Unfortunately not everyone can make the show and I had to pick the people who I thought could do the best job. If you missed out I am sorry but I will make sure everyone gets a turn at appearing on the show at some stage.

Anyway who made the show? Congratulations to…

Presenters – Madeline and Jack, Reporters – Millar, Alice and Ella

Editors and Cameraman – Jakob and Finn

Well done everyone, I look forward to the first show in Week 1, Term 4!

Water And Oil Experiment

What happens when water and oil are mixed together? We think….

I don’t know, water will go all bubbly, oil will go to the top, it will go like a lava lamp, oil will go to the top and make bubbles.

Watch the video below to find out what happens.

Why did this happen?

Well when you mix water and oil together they don’t stay mixed. This is because oil is not soluble in water. Since oil and water don’t mix the oil rests on top because it is lighter than the water. When you add the salt it sticks to the oil and makes the oil heavier and therefore it sinks.

What happens if you keep on adding salt?

Challenge # 1

Challenge # 1 for the student Blog Challenge is: Why should people visit your Blog?

People should visit my Blog because….Here are our ideas:

Interesting learning, you could learn something new, get some cool Art ideas, ideas for class work, Weekly Reflections, cool games, interesting widgets, pets, polls, videos, pictures, great links, blog buddies and so much more!

Student Challenge # One

Science Experi-mint

Here is the footage taken by the Manawatu Standard yesterday during our whole school Science Experi-mint! Check it out, it’s awesome!

Real or Fake?

Geyser Experiment

Today the whole of Russell Street School (300 of us) took part in a Geyser Experiment with Mentos and Coke.

The goal was to design a device to make the Coke fly as high as possible. It was awesome fun!

Alice’s Ins & Outs

Today on One News we will be telling you about Russell Street School… Oh my god mum, get in here, that guy with the weird pants is on talking about us. Well lets get on with the better stuff than the news, I don’t usually watch it any way.

Well this week our class made a show called Street talk. I am the sports Reporter YAAAAAAAAAAAA. Well that’s the good part, the bad part is that we have to have a makeup person. I mean that’s ok but aren’t I already beautiful enough! Oh my god like whatever. It’s going to be so cool being the Sports Reporter.

Mrs Alvaro announced the Caption Contest winner and it went to…Levi! Great work Levi, that baby did look like he had done it.

In our class we did some planet art and it is really awesome! We had to write a Report about the planet and then paint a picture of it. They look really cool. We also made some Sherbet and Hokey Pokey in our Reading group. They were yum!

Also this week Stephen put on the Blog our Ecological Footprint Movie for the Multimedia Challenge. Check it out because it’s awesome!

Have I told you about the student blogging challenge? Well Stephen signed our Blogs up and we are going to do lots of activities with kids all over the world. We are so lucky!

This week is the last week of the term that’s sooooooo cool! Oh I mean that’s sooooooo sad.

Joke time  Where do Ghosts go on Vacation? To the dead sea. Do you get it? See you next time on Alice’s Ins & Outs.

Reporter – Alice