R3′s Wordles

In class we have been working on using adjectives in an effort to improve our writing.

To help us use adjectives everyone had to make a Wordle using adjectives to describe themselves.

If you want to check them out just go to the Student’s individual Blogs to see them. Here’s mine and Hannah’s!

New Furniture

Check it out everyone, R3 has some new furniture! We received a new library shelf, tote trays, tables and teaching station. Talk about cool!

Anyway a big thanks to David our principal for ordering us the furniture, we appreciate it!

Sugar Coke Experiment

How much sugar is there in a bottle of Coke?

Today we did an experiment to find out how much sugar there is in a small bottle of coke. How much do you think? What we did was boil a bottle of Coke in a pot until all the liquid had gone and there was only sugar left.

What were the results? Well we were left with 70 grams which is about 12 teaspoons of sugar. Amazing! If you look at the label information it says 64 Grams so we were pretty close.

We learnt that Coke is definitely full of sugar and it has no real nutritional value.

Anna’s Trip To Australia

Last week I went to Melbourne, Australia with my Gran for a holiday. The reason I went to Australia is to see Mary Poppins live at the theatre. When I went to Australia I saw some baby tiger cubs. They were 5 months old and were born on the 4 of February 2010 which is my birthday.

We also went to the aquarium and saw real live penguins and leafy sea dragons. We also saw a black clown fish.

At the theatre we saw Mary Poppins. During the show she went up over the stage, through the roof and down onto the stage again. In the middle a man named Bret climbed on the top of the stage and walked up side down on the stage roof.

It was a great trip and I can’t wait to see where my Gran takes me next!

By Anna

The Muppets!

I love the Muppets and this movie always cracks me up! Check it out!!

Game Of The Week

Here is a really cool Maths game called ‘Bloxorz’. Give it a go, you will love it!

Top 10% In New Zealand!

Check it out everyone, Ethan and Jack got in the top 10% for the New South Wales Science Test in New Zealand.

What a great achievement!! I knew you guys were clever but this just proves it!!!!

And The P.O.W Is…

Spring Clothing Collection

Check out our Spring Clothing Collection we made using corrugated card. They turned out pretty cool!

R3 Class Photo

Here is a look at R3′s class photo. What a cute bunch!

Mentos & Coke Experiment

Today R3 did an experiment with some Mentos lollies and a bottle of coke.

What do you think happened? Watch our video below to find out the amazing results!

So now you can see that when you drop a Mentos into a bottle of Coke, it erupts out of the top of the bottle like a fountain! Talk about cool!

So, why does this happen? It is a physical change. There are lots of tiny little air pockets (like little holes) on the surface of the Mentos. The gas in the Coke ( which is called carbon dioxide) is attracted to the little holes on the Mentos. All of the gas rushes to the Mentos and pushes the Coke out of the bottle.

Music Time

During CRT time Room 3 are lucky enough to have Jennifer come in and teach us music. Here are some photos and video from today’s session.

Alice’s Ins & Outs

Get off me Molly! She is my annoying dog, anyway let’s get on with the better stuff. Well this week we are learning 26 more capitals. I don’t know why we are moving on when I don’t even know the first lot! I only know about five.

This week we have been making Spring Art. Spring Art is cardboard people and you have to design some clothes and accessories for them. It is really hard and definitely not easy. They are all looking great but they will look even greater when they are finished and on the wall.

This week we have had the first P.O.W, it was the amazing Zara. I wonder who she is going to pick for next week? I hope it is me!

Yesterday we got to put pets on our blogs from Bunnyhero. I got a horse and a fish and they are really cute. All the animals are baby animals and if you don’t feed the animals they will die.

Also this week we have been making business cards for our Blog. Maddi, Jack and I got picked for the best business cards. Now when anyone comes in we give them a card and hopefully they will go to our website. We made them on kid Pix, it was very hard!

Everyone has been working hard on Mathletics. We have to get as many maths answers right as we can on the computer. Hopefully we get a lot of points. I have already 690 points. That’s because I have not brought anything yet.

JOKE TIME: Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9. Do you get it? See you next week on Alice’s Ins & Outs!

Reporter: Alice

Grammar Rocks!

In class we have been looking nouns, verbs and adjectives. Here is a great little video called ‘Grammar Rocks’ which will help you learn your adjectives.

Spring Clothing Collection

Today in class we talked about the 4 seasons and what causes them. So with Spring coming up we decided to become fashion designers and create a Spring Clothing line.

Hopefully they will be finished by the end of the week!

Digital Calendar Art Display

Learn Something Every Day

Here is a really cool Website called ‘Learn Something Every Day’. Every day it has a new fact about all sorts of different things.

Just click on the picture to check it out!

The Ins & Outs Business Card

This week we designed business cards for our new blog. Check out these cool business cards by Alice and Jack!