Visiting Mascots!

Look who arrived in the mail! It’s Morningside School’s Mascot’s Tatty Teddy and Nutmeg!

Morningside school from Whangarei are our e-mail buddies and we are taking part in a mascot exchange with them. They are currently hosting our mascots ‘The Snail and the Whale’.

So far we have been showing them around our school and each night they have been going home with a different student.

Thanks Morningside School for sending them to us, we can’t wait to show them all around Palmerston North.

IMG_9485 IMG_9500

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Snail and Whale

Does anyone know where are class mascots ‘The Snail & Whale’ are at the moment?

Well to be honest your guess is good as mine! I think one set is on their way back from Auckland, another on their way back from USA and the final set have just finished a visit to California, USA and are heading to Florida!

Gee, they get around! Anyway hopefully we will have some of them home soon before they head out on their next trips. I have lots of classes waiting for them to visit.

If you want to check out what they got up to in California just click on the picture to go the Snail and Whale blog.

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Snail & Whale Visit Massachusetts

Where are our class mascots snail and whale? Well they just arrived in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, USA! They are staying with Mr T’s 5th Grade class at Old Hammondtown school.

If you want to check out what they have been doing in USA just click here! I wonder if the snail and whale will make it home in time to celebrate christmas?

Skyping Australia

Today 3D skyped our friends at Upper Plenty Primary School in Victoria, Australia. Upper Plenty currently have our class mascots the snail and whale and are also part of our Quad Blog.

It was great fun talking to them and finding out all about their school and area.

Thanks Upper Plenty for being such awesome hosts of the snail and whale and thanks for taking time out to talk to us today! You rock!

Snail & Whale On Camp

Our class mascots the snail and whale are having a great time in Victoria, Australia. Would you believe they just went on camp! Check out this slideshow of their adventure!

Snail & Whale At Upper Plenty P.S

Our class mascots ‘The Snail and Whale’ are currently in Victoria, Australia at Upper Plenty P.S. They are having a whale of a time and have been getting up to all sorts of mischief! Just click here to check out the latest posts on their blog.

They also posted this great little video of their first day at Upper Plenty P.S. Check it out!

Host Classes & Destinations

Where have our class mascots ‘The snail and whale’ been to so far this year? Well they have now clocked up 20 different schools around the world! Talk about busy travellers! I wonder where they will go next?

Skyping Australia

Today R3 had a Skype capital challenge with Lugarno School in Australia. Both classes had been learning their capital cities throughout the year and the challenge was a chance to find out which class knew the most.

Who came out of top? Well it ended up a tie between Joseph from our class and a girl from Lugarno. Both students were so good we couldn’t eliminate them! Well done Joseph, I was so proud of you!

We also caught up with our class mascots, the snail and the whale as Lugarno school were hosting them. Thanks Lugarno School,  you rock!



Snail And The Whale

What have the snail and whale been up to lately? Well check out this awesome post from their host school in Georgia, USA!

a few assorted pictures from the visit

Mrs. Temske’s class was surprised to find a package from New Zealand addressed to us on the first day of school. We opened it and read the story about our new visitors. Snail and Whale spent three weeks at Sweet Apple Elementary and the homes of some students. They enjoyed many adventures in Georgia.

While at school they attended classes and participated in a variety of different activities. They went to specials like art, music, PE and computer lab. They went to lunch in the cafeteria with the class a few different days. Whale and Snail had a fun time out at recess too playing and the equipment and posing for pictures. In the classroom they doing some class activities like: building Sponge Bob puzzles, hanging out under the sea with the kids wearing diving equipment, helping with squiggle posters, following along with classroom reading and even a timed multiplication quiz. They also joined the class when they went down to read with our first grade buddies. Snail and Whale were lucky enough to be at the school for a couple of special activities. They attended an assembly by the Atlanta Percussion Trio which played lots of historical American music. They even got to join the conga line. They also got to visit the Scholastic book fair run by PTO and check out some great books. They also showed the media specialist their book. The final day at school was when grandparents and special friends were invited to do special activities with the classes. They enjoyed hearing the Miss Rumphius story, painting the picture and meeting all the visitors. It was great hanging out the students and Wolfie, the school mascot.

During the visit they went home with different students every night. They attended soccer and cheer leading practice as well as a football game. They helped with homework, played outside, hung out at the pool, helped cook some meals and read quite a few good books. They did some exploring around town and visited a few restaurants. They definitely met lots of pets and quite a few other stuffed animals. Lori Ann was nice enough to take Snail and Whale home for one of the weekends and patched up under Whale’s fin where he got a small hole. All the home adventures were recorded in a journal that traveled with them and they posed for a lot of photos. They really had a nice time with all their hosts.

The class hated to see Whale and Snail leave but knew that they needed to head off on some more adventures. We hope they have a great time in Iowa.

Snail & Whale

What have the snail and whale been up to lately? Well check out this post from their host school in Australia!

Whale and Snail have had a busy few weeks visiting the students of 3/4C at The Junction Public School. They had a great time with our class and really sparked some creativity in our work. Whale and Snail also had overnight excursions to visit the homes of some of our students who took the time to show them around town… they loved it! See all the snapshots in our animoto.

Snail & Whale

What are the snail and whale up to at the moment? Well one pair are in Australia, one pair are on their way back to USA and the final pair are on the North Shore of New Zealand. If you want to keep up to date with their travels go to the snail and whale Project blog!

The class hosting the snail and whale in the North Shore just put up this post about their trip so far. Check it out!

The Travellers Return

Look who arrived home today! The snail and whale! They finally returned home after spending the first 2 terms travelling around America!

So what next for the snail and whale? Well they are going to spend a few weeks back in class before heading back to America for their new school year.



Snail & Whale Locations

So far our class mascots The Snail and Whale have been to 13 schools around the world. That is awesome but where are they now? Well one just arrived in Newcastle, Australia with Mrs Chaffey’s class. Another is on the way back from USA and the final one is on their way to Mrs Anderson-McGhie’s class in Auckland.

Hopefully over the next few weeks we will get to skype the classes and see what they are up to.

If you want to check out the host classes blogs just click on the pictures below.


Australia Here We Come!

Today I sent our class mascots the snail and whale to Australia! How cool is that! They have 6 host schools to visit, starting off in New South Wales. 

Watch this space to see what they get up to in the coming months!



Snail & Whale In Taupo

Our class mascots the Snail and Whale arrived in Taupo yesterday. They are on the road again and having a ball! Check out the post they put on our snail and whale blog!

Hello out there, Snail and Whale have arrived safely at Broadlands School, Taupo, New Zealand. Snail and Whale have already been to the Kapa Haka festival that our school participated in. We are going on a field trip on the computer to the Cook Strait (the stretch of water separating the two islands in NZ) and Snail and Whale are coming to!

The trip on the computer to the Cook Strait will be happening at 1.30pm on Wednesday, the 20th of June 2012 on the LEARNZ website. It will be about the whales and it will be live and the will be trying to get some footage of the whales.

We are really excited to have Snail and Whale and are enjoying having them in Room5, Broadlands School.

Snail & Whale Adventures

What is happening with our class mascots the snail and whale? Well one just arrived home from England, one just arrived in Reporoa, NZ and the final one is just leaving USA for home.

Check out these videos that the host class in USA made from their visit!

Look Who’s Back In Town!

Today R3 received a mystery package in the mail. What was it? It was our class mascots the snail and whale! They have been traveling around the world and popped in before their next trip to Auckland. 

If you want to check out all their adventures just click here to check out their blog!

Host Classes

So far our snail and whales have been to the following classes around the world!