In spelling time R5 have been learning about Plurals. Check out this Haiku Deck that Zac made to help him learn the rules!

RSS Video

Check out this video made by Ana, Bella and Hannah. It was started in Term 1 and has only just been completed fully! Enjoy!

In Training

Check out this video that the Crusaders reading group made at reading time. It is called ‘In Training’ and I think they did a great job!

Assembly Dance

Check out this cool dance that Olivia is teaching R5 for assembly in W6. We have only been practising for a few days but the dance is beginning to take shape!

Reading Time

At reading time the Crusaders reading group are learning how to infer. Check out this Haiku Deck that Rosalind made about referring. See if you can work out the answers!

Bar Charts

In Maths time we have been learning about Bar Charts. Check out this one created by Jett at On-Line Chart Tool.


Fluency and Expression

In reading time everyone has been working on improving their fluency and expression. Check out this example made by Georgia and Bella! It was made using the cool app educreations!

Cereal Poster

Check out this cool poster that Hannah designed to help sell the 365 cereal. I think she did an awesome job!

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 4.07.20 PM

Maori Street Names

This week Rosie set all the classes a challenge of coming up with the English pronunciation of the Maori street names in our area. Check out what Rosalind, Sophie and Grace came up with!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task was to make a puppet pal using a variety of Maori words. Check out this fantastic effort by Bailey and his Granddad! Wow, top job!

Blog Spotlight

Today I thought I would do something different and spotlight one of R5′s student blogs. Whose blog did I choose? Well I choose Bella’s! Bella has a fantastic blog which is full of awesome, creative posts!

This is the first year Bella has had a blog and she is really proud of what she has achieved.

Well done Bella, you are always focused and are a role model to everyone in class!

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 2.42.34 PM

Production Reflection

Check out this reflection that Hannah and Rosalind made about Production. I think they did an excellent job!


Today R5 and R4 presented assembly at school. One of our items was the song cups that Olivia has been teaching the class. Here is a video of our performance! Didn’t they do great!

Hands-On Homework

Last week’s hands-on homework task was to create a jingle for our cereal 365. Check out this awesome effort from Ana!

Healthy Hamburgers

In class this week R5 have been making healthy hamburgers as part of our Healthy Eating topic. Check them out, they turned out awesome!


Time Lapse Project

Over the last week R5 have been taking part in a New Zealand School Time Lapse Project with 11 other schools.

What was the project? Well, all the schools had to send in 20 seconds of time lapse video from their school. The project was set up on twitter and Luke Dyer from Hawea Flat school completed the final edit.

R5 did the introduction and a few other clips. When you watch it see if you can spot them!

Time Lapse Project

R5 are currently taking part in a time lapse project with 10 other schools around New Zealand. Our job was to do the introduction to the movie. Check out what we came up with!

Hands-On Homework

This week’s hands-on homework task was to make a smoothie. Check out this awesome effort by Liam! It’s funny as!