Shape Challenge

Since this week is NZ Maths Week I thought I would create a Maths Shape challenge for our class. The idea is to see if you can find the different shapes around Russell Street School (There is 25 shapes in all).

All answers are due in on Friday and there will be a small reward for the winning person/team!

Below is a sample of some of the shapes. Do you know where they are?

IMG_0092 IMG_0108

IMG_0068 IMG_0063

Fractions In Order

Today in class we learnt about comparing and putting fractions in order of size.

What did we do? Well we cut a piece of paper into strips and made a whole lot of different fractions. From here we compared the sizes and looked at the different equivalent fractions. Below is an example!



Today for Maths Olivia took the Triangles group and cooked Pizza! Why did they make Pizza? Well in class we are learning about Fractions and this is a great way to make the learning practical and exciting!

Check out the end results!


Fractions Rap

In Math time we have been learning about Fractions. So far we have been learning how to recognise fraction symbols and names and how to find a fraction of a group of objects.

Check out this cool video I found on the internet about Fractions. It is made by Mr Duey, a teacher in USA!

Bar Charts

In Maths time we have been learning about Bar Charts. Check out this one created by Jett at On-Line Chart Tool.



In Maths at the moment we are learning about Statistics. Today we went down to Tremaine Ave and collected data on the different types of vehicles and different colour vehicles. 

Which car colour was the most popular? Well would you believe white came out on top and it was closely followed by silver!


Breakfast Cereal

Today was the first day of selling our breakfast cereal that we have been making. We had an excellent turn out and were really pleased with the results.

How many boxes did we sell? Well during Maths time today we worked out the result! Check out our thinking!



Perimeter and Area

In Maths we have been learning about Perimeter and Area.

Today we decided to work out the perimeter and area of the Palmerston North square. How did we do it without walking down there? Well we used Google Earth and the ruler tool!

So what were the results? Check out the picture below to find out!

Would you believe the the square is actually not a square but a rectangle! I wonder if anyone know why it is called the square then and not the rectangle?

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 10.27.12 AM

Maths Quiz

In class for Maths we have been learning how to use Quiz Revolution to make a quiz. Quiz Revolution is a fantastic website that allows you to make quizzes for free! Check out this awesome quiz made by Aye!

Maths Strategies

In class R5 have been working on their addition and subtraction strategies. Check out this Educreation that Bella and Grace made about their Maths learning!

Maths Time

In Maths time the Squares group has been experimenting with the app Popplet on the iPads. We use Popplet to record our ideas then display our thoughts on the Apple TV or on our Blogs.

Our focus has been on learning place value and rounding. Check out an example from today’s session!


Bedtime Maths

If you are like me and you love Maths then you will really enjoy this website. It is called Bedtime Maths and every day is has a new maths problem for you to solve! It is really cool and we are going to start using it in class as well.

Click on the picture to check it out!

Basic Facts

Every Friday in 3D we practice our Basic Facts for Maths. We always start with a few strategies on the board, a look at their test scores from the week before (On the computer), a warm up game of 4 Corners (Great little maths game!) then onto our 10 minute test.

During the week we have maths groups where we learn all our different maths strategies. Then Friday’s Basic Facts test is a chance to put some of these strategies into practice.

We have a Basic Facts ladder in class where the children move their name up or down after the test.

Throughout the year we have seen huge improvements and everyone can be proud of their efforts!



Maths Time

In Maths the squares group have been learning how to do the double and half strategy. Check out Jacob C’s thinking!


Last week in class we were learning about the different sizes of fractions. We created different fractions using paper and compared the different sizes. Check it out!


In Maths the Squares group have been learning how to find a fraction of a number and how to make equivalent fractions. Check out their strategies!

Maths Time

In Maths R3 has been learning about equivalent fractions and how to find a fraction of a number. We have also been experimenting with using a new app called Popplet. 

Today in class we used Popplet to show our working and when we had finished we sent it off to Evernote for the teacher to mark. Check some of them out!

Shape Challenge

Last week R3 and R12 squared off on a Maths Week Shape Challenge. Who came out on top? Well watch the Keynote to find out!